Overcoming the Fear of Revealing Your Idea

As an inventor, I know confidentiality is always my customer’s biggest worry. I remember over 23 years ago when working on my first invention, I was afraid to tell almost anyone about it. My main thought was – How do I get help without someone stealing my idea? Looking back, I understand why I felt that way. While I was borderline paranoid, I was also naïve.

It is a simple fact that there isn’t any one single person in the world who can go from an idea to a finished product on the store shelves without the help of others along the way. This fear inventors have of revealing their idea is anchored in stories out of Hollywood that show inventors getting their ideas stolen. In fact, that is a very rare occurrence.

We must get over the fear of someone stealing our ideas as quickly as possible. It is vital to assemble a competent team of people who can help you; a team that can show you other customers they have helped. For example, at Davison we’re in the business of helping people with ideas, and we wouldn’t be in the business very long if we took someone’s idea. Our clients can back that up. Several of those who have trusted us with their ideas have talked with us on film so we can provide a modern comfort zone for today’s idea people.

The good thing about video testimonials of clients whose products we’ve gotten on the store shelves is that they speak from real experience. These are customers who’ve worked with Davison over periods of time to accomplish their vision, and they want to give back to people like themselves. Months or years after they started their journey, they are grateful enough to give us their permission and tell their story so that others won’t be as nervous as they were on day one.

I dream of the day when people come in contact with the Davison brand and immediately know that we can be trusted with the most confidential of ideas. Until then, view a few video testimonials from our clients.