New Look Taking Davison-Designed Therapeutic Products to New Places!

Two Davison-designed spa-therapy products are about to “unleash” their wild-sides on new store shelves! The animal-printed TheraPED and TheraTOES, which provide soothing relief for sore feet and toes, are heading to Fred’s Super Dollar and, soon, may be hitting the shelves at Sally Beauty Supply as well.

The new orders also warranted a few package improvements for the products. The updated features include small design changes to improve on-shelf stability and slight changes to package wording.

While the TheraPED and TheraTOES are currently licensed by Health Enterprises and are sure to be enjoyed by many consumers with sore feet, according to Davison’s Managing Senior Director of Licensing, like many Davison-designed products, the TheraPED was born out of client necessity.

“I had worked with [our client] Lennell on her ‘cooling sock’ idea for over three years.  She has MS and has limited mobility. She suffers from ‘hot feet’ due to her illness and wanted something to cool her feet down,” said the Managing Senior Director.

Not only does the TheraPED offer cooling therapy, it’s designed with multi-functional gel pads that also provide moist heat for the top, sides and bottom of feet. Excitement over the finished product was infectious!

“I was so excited when I heard [Lennell’s] voice again and got to tell her the licensing department had good news! She was so excited to hear that her product was licensed and [Davison’s Vice President of Licensing] sent her a couple pairs to prove it. She has thanked everyone at Davison for their commitment to her idea and is thankful for the outcome,” said Davison’s Managing Senior Director of Licensing.

See Lennell’s excited reaction in the smartphone video she sent below:

Now, thanks to Health Enterprises, who licensed Lennell’s product, the TheraPED, and their own TheraTOES, are taking on a trendy look for fall fashion. Already available in a hot zebra print, they are soon to be available in other fun, animal prints as well.

And, we’re growling with excitement too as the Davison-designed TheraPED and TheraTOES hit more and more store shelves! Congratulations to every team member who has helped make these GGGRRRReat products so wildly successful!

The client has not made a net profit on this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.