How-To: Inventing Basics Every Inventor Should Know


Inventing is not an easy process. It takes motivation and dedication to move your invention forward. Founder George Davison has identified three key fundamentals of inventing. Let these ideals motivate you to push forward towards your goals.

A desire to do good by improving things.

In a previous blog post, we talked about the importance of desire when pursuing an idea, which noted:

In the invention industry, desire is what sparks the fire; it’s what helps a person persevere despite the ups and downs of the process…

Desire is fueled by your ‘why?’… For our founder, George Davison, his ‘why’ was fueled by failure and his story of passion and desire has become a great example of how to fail your way forward.

Why do you think your idea is better and what goodness will it bring into our world? It takes desire to begin answering these questions. Until you’ve found that inner spark that fuels you to open up and be creative, it will be hard to latch onto the desire that’s necessary to accomplish great things. When the desires change and we ask ourselves for something better or for something more, our minds open up and we start to look for new solutions.

Use your observational skills to identify improvement opportunities that mean something to you.

Every invention started somewhere. You’ll find that when you give your mind permission to seek innovation and improvement, a world of different opportunities will start to present itself to you. Some of us may seek improvements that we encounter in the world around us, while others will go into deep science seeking understanding that will one day provide insight for inventors in the future to invent their creations.

Start innovating.

How to start innovating begins with the environment around you. We are big believers in creating inspirational environments around our inventors. When you are immersed with a positive can-do spirit, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

One of the first things about innovation and invention is creating an environment for yourself that enables mental openness to allow you to think of a better way to do something.

“I have fundamentally altered innovation labs, R&D labs, college makerspaces, high school makerspaces and more for people, just trying to set the stage for a creative mindset to take root,” said Mr. Davison.

The professional team at Davison is here to help guide you through the inventing process, just like they’ve done with so many other Davison clients who dared to invent.

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