Hit Products at the Chicago Housewares Show!

More and more Davison products are to be developed coming out of last week’s Housewares Show! Last week, one of the companies registered with us to confidentially review our ideas and our client’s ideas – Jokari, attended the International Housewares Show in Chicago. The team here at Davison, and our clients have helped this company design, develop and put on the store shelves many products in the past and there are more product projects coming our way after the show!

Davison has already developed many successful products for the company using the same 9-step method we walk each product design through. These products were a huge hit at the show with many retailers who were looking for the next best kitchen gadgets. Our products really stacked up well against their competitors, offering better innovative solutions to problems that plague many households.

Do you have a product idea that fits into the “kitchen gadget or household storage/organization” category? Our professional team at Davison is always ready to speak with new idea people to help move their ideas forward. Confidentially submit your invention idea today!

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