Help More Davison Designs “Get on the Shelf!”

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With Walmart’s “Get on the Shelf” competition underway, we want to make sure we’re throwing all of our support behind the great Davison-designed pet products entered by Hugs Pet Products, an innovative pet product company that has licensed several products designed by our clients!

Round one of “Get on the Shelf” voting is going on now through April 3, 2012.  After round one, the 10 contestants with the most votes will enter round two, which runs from April 11, 2012 – April 24, 2012.

The top vote-getter in the second round will win the grand prize, the opportunity to sell on and in select Walmart stores across the U.S.!

So, let’s show our support to Hugs Pet Products and our favorite Davison designs!

Here’s how you can vote:

(1.)  Visit the “Get on the Shelf” site, watch the videos and vote via Facebook.
(2.)  Vote via text to 383838 (More details below!).

Pugz Boots:  TEXT 32 to 383838 or visit

Better Tether:  TEXT 38 to 383838 or

Auto Dish:  TEXT 39 to 383838 or visit 

Dog Wash:  TEXT 40 to 383838 or visit

Hydro Bone:  TEXT 41 to 383838 or visit

Hydro Ball:  TEXT 42 to 383838 or visit

Hydro Saucer:  TEXT 43 to 383838 or visit

Cool Cot:  TEXT 1097 to 383838 or visit

You can vote once a day per product; so, be sure to vote often and ask your friends, family and fellow pet lovers to do the same!

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A typical client project is not licensed, sold in stores or profitable.