Ft. Walton Beach man creates wrist brace, now sold in a national pharmacy


FT. WALTON BEACH, FLA. – May 15, 2007 –I.D. A Ft. Walton Beach man recently licensed an invention he created seven years ago to a national health products brand.

Robert Huffman, 60, currently working in Afghanistan for Kellogg, Brown and Root, created the 360° Hot & Cold Therapy Wrist Brace to deal with the pains he experiences in his own wrists as a plumber.

“I wanted something to take care of [the pain] and help other people,” Huffman explained, noting that nothing on the market currently helped.

The brace is part of a line released through Health Enterprises’ Acu-Life brand. It uses a patented hot/cold gel encased in a brace system, designed to ease sprain and strain recovery while allowing for mobility. It also uses a removable splint. The product was recently private-labeled to a national pharmacy retailer.

Wrist Brace

Seven years ago Robert Huffman hired Pittsburgh’s Davison Design and Development to develop, design and prepare his concept for manufacturing; however, it would be some time before it would be licensed.

“It completely blows my mind,” said Huffman. “In my heart I knew it was a good product and someone would pick it up some day, and seven years later someone did.”

Huffman has not yet realized a net profit on his recently licensed product.

Davison Design and Development is a new product development company and home of Inventionland, a unique innovative workspace. Recently, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ranked Davison as one of the city’s Top 50 Best Places to Work. Last year the firm, which helps inventors, corporations and entrepreneurs, was recognized by the Industrial Designers Society of America and BusinessWeek magazine, winning two Industrial Design Excellence Awards.

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