Four More D’s to Walmart!

Walmart comfort products

Four new ‘wellness’ products for which we created all the packaging, photography and in-use shots are now selling on!

Walmart buddy pillow productTheComfort Me Spa Sets and the Relaxzen 5-Motor Massage Mat with Heat are the first in a new line of more than 20 individual wellness items that we have worked on for Comfort Products, as we help the manufacturer branch out into other areas. Davison’s corporate design manager was a bit surprised when he came across the items that just went up on Walmart’s website. “It definitely was nice to stumble across them,” he said.

new comfort Davison productsAlthough the website does not show the packaging, it does use the product images that we provided, as well as the in-use shots , which feature Davison employees.

Davison wellness inventionWe initially created planograms for the kits so Comfort Products could present the items to another buyer. Walmart was quick to express interest, however, and decided to first test the products on their website.

body pillow inventionThe corporate team has just received two additional new items from Comfort Products to add to the line for which we will do photography now and create the packaging later. More products in the line are sure to hit the market, and all the new products soon will be added to our product pages, as well.

massaging mat invention“It’s a nice surprise, and it’s great to see that we continue to get more and more D’s on the market,” said Davison’s senior category director of licensing. He soon will have more good news to report about Comfort Products items with the Davison “D” that are slated to go to market next month – So stay tuned!