Forgotten Ideas Brought Back to Life!

Can you imagine getting a long awaited phone call out of the blue telling you that your idea has sparked the interest of a company? You then find out from Davison’s Licensing Department that they are making an offer to license your product ! That’s right…Davison tries longer! Even when our contracts expire with our clients, we still have companies approaching us and we still attend tradeshows to find corporate licenses for our client’s ideas.

This is a phone call many would love to receive! However, when a client’s project does not get licensed, they tend to move on. In most cases, clients have long since given up on their products, and in some cases – have even forgotten about them. We always love getting offers and deals for our clients even after our contracts expire because it makes a statement of our dedication to our clients!

People give up on their ideas yet we hold on to them in hopes that we find a company who is looking for a particular product. Just because your idea doesn’t get picked up on the first pitch, doesn’t mean years later a company won’t have a use for it !

For example, recently (this past March) a company that has licensed products with us in the past attended the International Housewares show in Chicago. They were looking for products that they could bring to the show that fit into their existing product line. It just so happens that the team at Davison held on to a product, The Taco Shell Maker, that fit the description of the product category the company was looking for.

After first refusing, the persistence of our licensing department paid off and the company agreed to showcase the product at the upcoming trade show. It turns out, the product was a huge hit with both retailers and manufacturers. The company quickly realized they should adopt this product into their product line and soon after, they licensed it !

The best part about this is that our team did this second round of product pitching, absolutely free! It didn’t cost the client a penny. This is just one of the many examples of times where companies have been in search of a product that wasn’t so successful in the past, but years later, is exactly what a different company was looking for.

We would love to hear your ideas for any products you feel serve as “a better way” of doing something!


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