Davison Designs Get International Hugs!

We’ve recently received more exciting news about some Davison-designed pet products that are crossing borders and taking a bite out of the pet toy industry!

Davison InventionsAccording to our Vice President of Business Development and Licensing, there is a big shipment of eco-friendly Grass Twine Bird Houses and Bird Feeders headed to Costco Canada.

“Four containers of products are headed north to Canada, eh!  Both are client products and, if they are well received, Costco Canada will order three to five more containers and look at bringing this into the U.S. market,” said our VP.

Made with 100% organic reed grass, the Grass Twine Bird House and Bird Feeder provide birds with natural protection from predators by blending in with surrounding areas.  Their rough exterior and three openings also make it easier for birds to enter and exit.

Hugs Pet ProductsDavison Inventions

The Grass Twine Bird House and Bird Feeder aren’t the only client products that were licensed by Hugs Pet Products and are now going international… we’ve also received word that Hugs’ Cool Cottage and Cool Cot are shipping to Australia!

“Hugs is getting ready to ship its first order to Australia,” said our VP, who also passed along some awesome pictures of the products as they were preparing to ship! 

Pet InventionsPet Products

Adding even more innovation to their pet product lines, Hugs is also working with Davison to create a new chew toy option for pets.  According to our VP,  the scrumptious new “JAWS” line already has national retailers paying attention.

“JAWS is going to be the next big craze in pet toys.  This project was designed by [our] team and is quickly turning heads at Petco and Bed Bath & Beyond.  We will be back in front of Petco in May to confirm they are moving forward with the JAWS line and 15-20 clothing items for a fourth quarter launch this year!” said our VP.

We’ve included a few “sneak peek” photos of the JAWS moulds straight from the factory:

Pet ProductsDavison Inventions

As he so often does, our VP left us with another tid-bit of enticing product news that we will share as soon as he gives us more details.

“Oh, yeah, did I mention what Hugs is doing with Target?” said our VP.  “Stay tuned!”

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