Davison-Designed Baking Pan Sweetens Chicago-Based Holiday Gift Guide

Still trying to decide what to get that favorite “foodie” in your life? Nearly 30 food bloggers from the Chicago area got together to offer a bit of help this holiday season.

That help just so happens to include a Davison-designed baking product!

So, which Davison design can you find on page 77 of the Chicago Food Bloggers 2013 Holiday Gift Guide?

It’s the Mrs. Fields’ Half N Half Cupcake Pan, which was licensed and is sold by Love Cooking Company. You can also find the pan for sale at mrsfields.com.

Chicago Food Blogger Rebecca O., who recommends the Half N Half Cupcake Pan, lists the Davison-designed bakeware as a “fun way to create creative cupcake flavor combinations — all in one cupcake!”

While she personally recommends a pumpkin and vanilla combination, she notes that“the possibilities are endless.” Indeed, they are!

According to the Chicago Food Bloggers website, their 2013 Holiday Gift Guide is a 148-page guide that covers “a wide variety of gift ideas, from kitchen gadgets and edible treats to local gift certificates and even a few non-food suggestions.”

In the guide, the Mrs. Fields’ Half N Half Cupcake Pan is among other great foodie gifts like a gourmet grilled cheese cookbook, a slate cheese board set and, of course, a gift certificate for Chicago-style deep dish pizza. See the entire Chicago Food Bloggers 2013 Holiday Gift Guide here.

Find out more about how Davison’s Better Way to Invent helped to design and create the Mrs. Fields’ Half N Half Cupcake Pan here.

The client has not realized a net profit on this product.

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