Davison Design and Development Teams with Driver Design for Six Products


PITTSBURGH – April 3, 2006 – A Pittsburgh product development firm recently teamed up with a Minnesota automotive design company for six new products.

Davison Design and Development has signed six product license agreements with Driver Designs, which specializes in making auto accessories, including window skins, hood scoops and shields, air flares and more.

Driver Design sells products at www.receng.com and www.realtruck.com. For more information on Driver Design and its current line of products visit them online at www.driverdesign.com.

Driver Design is a member of the Koronis Parts, Inc. group, which specializes in building and repairing jet skis, manufacturing motor vehicle parts and accessories, manufacturing snowmobiles and motorcycle frame kits. The group includes Sno Stuff, Dakota Thunder, Ink Design and Vic Fiberglass.

Davison, Inc. is a cutting-edge 110,000-square foot product design and development factory. It garnered international recognition with two designs that won 2006 Industrial Design Excellence Awards, including one featured in BusinessWeek magazine. Its services include research, industrial design, virtual reality, video, animation, product samples, packaging, presentation and royalty management. Learn more at www.davison.com or call 1-800-544-3327.

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