Davison Blog Launches “How’s That Invented” Featuring the BikeBoard!

The BikeBoard

We are happy to announce the premier of “How’s That Invented!” In these video blog posts, Davison designers show and explain how many of our products were invented – from concept to finished product on the store shelf. In this first installment, viewers will see how the popular BikeBoard came to life using our unique 9-step process, as well as how some hurdles were overcome along the way so the product could “carve” out a path to success.

So take a few minutes and enjoy the show!

We hope you enjoyed this installment of ‘How’s that Invented.’ We have recently re-evaluated this web series and decided to make it bigger and better! Please check back soon for our new series. Use the form on the right to sign up and get our blog posts via email. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed and updated information will be automatically downloaded to your computer.