Cooking Invention Sells Out in QVC Debut at Housewares Show


PITTSBURGH PA. – March 26, 2009 – A new bakeware invention developed by Davison in O’Hara Township was an immediate hit when it debuted on QVC’s broadcast from the 2009 International Housewares Show on Sunday. The total number ordered sold out in under a half hour. Due to its initial success, the Meatball Baker will be featured again in an upcoming QVC broadcast.

“It was one of the top selling products for the day,” said Daniel Simbeck, senior category manager at Davison, while attending the Housewares Show in Chicago.

Designed and developed in Davison’s Inventionland, the new product idea for the Meatball Baker came from Jean, a homemaker in Minnesota who wanted a more healthy and convenient way to cook meatballs. She would become discouraged whenever making meatballs, which got flat and cooked unevenly in the frying pan or oven, where they would sit in their own grease – unhealthy, as well as unappetizing.

“I just didn’t like the way mine turned out,” said Jean. “I love to cook, although I’m not that good; but I love to try new things.”

One day, a solution came to her that would solve the problem. She went online, found Davison and submitted her idea and the design team went to work. The finished product has a rounded rack system that preserves the shape of meatballs and other foods while cooking them evenly and keeping them completely out of the grease, so all the fat drains away.

She got the good news last year that her new product idea was licensed by a company specializing in extraordinary products for the home.

Jean has always had faith in her idea and in those developing it. She even stopped by for a visit to Davison in Pittsburgh while on vacation to meet with those working on her project.

“It’s been great – you guys are very knowledgeable,” Jean told them. “I was new to all this and I learned a lot.”

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