Davison Attends CES Trade Show

ces_logoDavison’s Vice President of Licensing attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, where he met with executives from top corporations.

The 2009 show in Las Vegas featured ground-breaking technologies, such as the Palm Pre, 3D HDTV, Yahoo!’s TV Widget, LG’s Watch Phone. Hits of the show were interactive gaming products that were all about the “entertainment experience.”

The Vice President had personal meetings with executives from Arista Tech, which he registered for a possible product development company, and many other corporations. The most promising meetings were with Speck and DDR Game, which deals in accessories for the Wii, for which they are in need of quality, cost-effective packaging.

“We’re looking to develop an entire line of packaging for them,” said the VP.

He also had “good discussions” with Sunny Distributors, which makes protective cases and bags for all kinds of computer-related items. He explained to them how we can help them with their packaging and provide it at a lower price point. Doing the packaging for one of those companies alone could mean 40-60 new products in the stores, he said.

The companies see it as a “huge benefit” to be able to hand off the packaging to an experienced company like Davison, without the overhead of having to keep people on staff, he explained. They were impressed by our capabilities and the way Davison does business.

“It’s because of our business model that makes what we offer so attractive.”