Celebrate Paul Bunyan Day with these Enormously Useful Products

paul bunyan davisonWhen Paul Bunyan was born, it took five storks to carry him home. Bunyan created Mount Hood by piling rocks atop his campfire to put it out. Big Paul dug the Grand Canyon while dragging his axe behind him. While we can’t expect the same amount of grandeur from your daily tasks tomorrow (Paul Bunyan Day is a giant of a day every year on June 28th), we can offer a few Davison products that will make a Bunyan-sized impact on your household to-dos.



Big Tasks, Compact Tool

whistle knife davisonClean up those dangling sweater threads, maintain your work-weary nails or get your dog’s attention with this Davison-designed utility knife. We developed the Swiss Army Whistle Knife to hold an extremely high-decibel whistle in one side of the knife housing without exposing any moving parts. The Whistle Knife is small enough to fit on a key ring, but comprehensive enough to tackle a variety of tasks.


Slick Oil Gadget

oil filter gripper davisonGotta change the oil in Babe the Blue Olds? Try Davison’s Oil Filter Gripper to keep yourself clean during this messy endeavor. This massive effort from the Davison team won an Industrial Design Society of America award and was featured in BusinessWeek magazine.



Workspace Woes Begone

tape measure holder davisonLarge projects require large amounts of tools. And you have to store them somewhere. Scale down your frustration by keeping your workspace organized with the Tape Measure Holder. Davison’s team of designers took advantage of a workspace pegboard to create the Tape Measure Holder, which also acts as a pencil holder with a built-in sharpener. Its sturdy design enables it to hold up to 3 pounds. As well as being a pegboard device, it can be modified to mount on a wall or sit on a counter.



‘Reely’ Cool Power Source

john bull mag reel extension cord davisonBig projects need big power. And, big power requires a lot of unsightly extension cords and power strips. Davison created the Mag Reel Retractable Extension Cord housed in a racing-style, tire-shaped case. This four-outlet device perfectly complements any garage while keeping dangerous cords out of the way.




Timesaving Sammies

davison burger makerAfter a long, hard day, you don’t want to spend too much time on dinner. Grab some freshly made burger patties from your Burger Maker and fire up a hearty meal to feed your lumberjacks. Its compact design features a patty cutter that creates four equal servings with one swing of the ax. The patties can be frozen in the same airtight container, eliminating the need for messy freezer bags, and the containers are even stackable.



Big, little or somewhere in between, Davison has a huge selection of product solutions for everyday living. Check out our full list of Davison-designed products here.


A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.