Can’t Live Without… My Paper Clip?!

Famous Inventions

While technology and popular media may have us believing that Apple’s iPhone is an invention we simply can’t live without, experts say there are much more elementary items that may be far more influential.  Those items include elastic bands, bubble wrap and, oh, yes… the paper clip.

In fact, scientists have said that it’s the items that cost mere pennies that we would be lost without.  They may not be as celebrated as the latest SmartPhone, PC tablet or other fancy gadgets, but have you ever used your iPhone to keep your desk clean?! 

According to Hi-Cone Director Ton Hoppenbrouwers, it’s the simple little inventions that are the “hidden heroes.”

Top Inventions List“Whether the products hang our clothes, make tea or hold a six-pack, they are indispensable to consumers… They are design classics, which do their job brilliantly,” said Hoppenbrouwers.

By the way, Hi-Cone is the maker of those plastic ring carriers that ever-so-faithfully hold together your six-packs of beer and soda!

Also according to Hoppenbrouwers, like the evolution of the cell phone, these seemingly elementary inventions do evolve to meet society’s changing needs.

“Yes, they evolve to meet changing needs, but they do not change dramatically,” said Hoppenbrouwers.

Think tea bag and K-cup, pencil and mechanical pencil…  and for the day, appreciate the simple things around you, like your light bulbs, pencils and bubble wrap.  But, please, don’t try to play Words With Friends with your paper clips!  

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