Another Inventor Teams up with Davison for a Hit on QVC


PITTSBURGH PA. – July 14, 2009 – Joy Clymer, a client of local design firm Davison, never dreamed she’d see her idea for a new product selling on the nation’s most popular home shopping network But that’s just what happened when her”Party on the Go” was featured recently as a”Today’s Special Value” item on QVC. After many years of hard work and uncertainty, she was ecstatic.

“I was just thrilled,” Clymer said when she saw that viewers from all over the country were buying her product.”It’s like a dream!”

A self-employed medical transcriptionist from Colorado, Clymer is the second inventor and Davison client in just a few months to have such an experience. Jean Rindfuss, a homemaker from Minnesota,”couldn’t believe it” when she watched her new product, the”Meatball Baker,” sell out in under half an hour on QVC this spring. Both of the products were licensed by Xtraordinary Home Products (XHP), which was looking for new items to add to its line of functionally unique and innovative housewares. The manufacturer and the design firm collaborated to turn the inventors’ ideas into marketable products, each created to solve a specific problem.

Clymer originally came up with her idea because she wanted a neat and simple way to transport deviled eggs to get-togethers without them turning into a gooey mess. Rindfuss wanted an easy and healthy way to cook meatballs. They both looked for a product to meet their need, but could find nothing on the store shelves, so they decided to fill the void in the marketplace themselves.

They went online and found Davison, a new product development firm that provides services to inventors, corporations and entrepreneurs, and submitted their ideas.

“I gave them the basic concept and they went with that and improved it,” said Clymer in an interview with KJCT-TV News in Grand Junction, Colo. Since the QVC airing, she has been interviewed by all of her local print and broadcast media outlets.

The Party on the Go includes a universal base, an egg tray, cupcake/muffin tray, pie/cookie/cake tray, veggie/chips tray, and a transparent locking lid, all of which stacks neatly together for compact storage.

XHP loves the”multiple functionality” of the product, said Scott Nicholson, president of the corporation. QVC is all about”wow” and one-of-a-kind innovations, which is why the Party on the Go and Meatball Baker were hits, he said.

“It’s been great – you guys are very knowledgeable,” said Rindfuss of her experience with Davison and XHP. She has also become a local celebrity in her small town in Minnesota.”I was new to all this and I learned a lot.”

Already selling in numerous retail outlets, the Meatball Baker has a rounded rack system that preserves the shape of meatballs and other foods, while keeping them completely out of the grease.

“It’s great when one of our client’s products gets in with a company like QVC,” said George Davison, CEO of the Pittsburgh design firm.”They have a tremendous marketing tool in their demonstration, which shows the product’s true functionality … I thought QVC did a great job and I couldn’t be happier for our clients.”

Because their products are just entering the market, these clients have not yet realized net profits, but they are receiving royalty payments on each unit sold.

Davison services include research, industrial design, video, product samples, packaging, presentation and royalty management. The firm is also the home of Inventionland, a cutting-edge development facility and”the world’s most creative workplace.”

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