Announcing our first winner in Davison’s “Find the ‘D’ and You Could Win Money” giveaway!

Davison product contest

Stephanie, from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is the first winner in our “Find the ‘D’ and You Could Win Money” giveaway! She was elated when she got the good news.

I’m so excited, I’ve never won anything!” Stephanie exclaimed. The news could not have come at a better time, as she has been laid off from her job and times have been tough. She will be receiving a $500 gift card to Walmart, which surely will be a big help. She also had a nice comment about our products when she sent in her photo: “Great cushion and even better seeing ‘Davison’ on it! … Go big D!” Stephanie, a client, was told about the contest by her director, Dan. “That’s awesome,” Dan said when he learned Stephanie had won. “She has a lot of passion, but funding’s been tight since she’s been unemployed.” Even so, her enthusiasm for pursuing her idea has never waivered, and she has been a great client to work with, he said.

“Each and every conversation, we have fun … Hopefully this is a little ray of sunshine for her.”

“I think it is a unique experience to look for products that have been invented by the company that I’m currently working with,” Stephanie said in a warm ‘thank you’ message to Davison. “It makes me realize how much Davison has developed through the years … I’ve been working with Daniel, who has been very helpful, informative, and professional.  It’s like having a business partner and friend, every time we talk.  Thanks, Daniel.”

Stephanie plans on using the gift card on household items, as well as treats for her two dogs.  “They thank Davison for the contest as well.  It’s nice, with times hard for many of us, to get extra money for needed things for the house,” she said. “Good luck to all the other contestants playing, it’s a pretty uplifting phone call when you win!!!”

We are running the contest again this month, and everyone who enters from now until July 31 will be in our next drawing (Aug. 2nd) for a $500 gift card to a store carrying Davison products. So send in a photo — you could be the next winner in “Find the ‘D’ and You Could Win Money!”