An Innovative Splash Into Spring!

Spring's Arrival

According to the shorts and flip flops we’ve been wearing lately, spring has already sprung!

Davison InventionBut, now that spring is officially here, what better way to highlight spring’s arrival than by highlighting an awesome Davison-designed product that will be springing off store shelves to help kids and parents cool off as the weather continues to heat up?

The Aviva Sports Splash-O-Meter, an innovative, inflatable toy that measures the size of a person’s splash on a scale of 1-10, made a huge wave on, the global network known as “Mommy’s little helper.”

Davison News

Lilsugar featured the Davison-designed Splash-O-Meter as part of a list of favorite water toys for kids, noting that with the innovative toy, “mom will never be accused of favoring one tot’s splash over another’s!”

The Splash-O-Meter is the perfect pool or lake companion and it can be found at, Sam’s Club and Sears, among many other retailers!

Summer Fun

We are definitely soaking up the Splash-O-Meter’s great review, along with all this great spring weather, and we can’t wait to see what Davison-designed product is next to make a big splash in the marketplace!