A Look Back at the Eight Track

Today is Eight Track Tape Day and while some of us may have never owned an eight track, due to cassette tapes, CDs, iPods, etc., we want to take a minute to honor this “founding father” of music technology.  After all, we know many modern inventions stem from making advancements to current products!

In honor of the eight track, here are a few fun facts about the gone, but certainly not forgotten, technology:

Music Innovation

  • William Powell Lear, the man behind LearJet, was also the inventor of the eight track cartridge tape system.
  • All 1966 Fords offered a factory installed, in-dash eight track player.
  • Eight tracks were the preeminent portable and car audio format of the 1970s.
  • Record clubs, like Columbia House, offered eight track tapes well into the 1980s.
  • Madonna’s early albums, as well as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” were offered to Columbia House club members on eight track!

So, today, while you’re cranking up your iPod, satellite or iHeart radio, say a silent “thank you” to the eight track tape!

Music Technology