18 Davison-designed Products in Petco? Yes, Yes, YES!

At Davison, when we say, “more products on store shelves,” we’re not kidding!

And, today, we’ve got another awesome example to prove it:

18 Davison-designed inventions are now at Petco in Fox Chapel!

Actually, the Cat Toys and Jaws chew toys for dogs, which were licensed by Hugs Pet Products, are rolling out at Petco locations across the country! Of course, we wanted to talk with Davison Founder and CEO immediately.

Mr. Davison’s initial response to the news?

“HOLY NEWS DAY!!!!!!! Yahoooooooo!!!!!”

Mr. Davison further explained what it meant to have that many products in one location… and, so near to our company headquarters.

“The news came into my office and an exhilarating feeling took over. I stopped everything I was doing and grabbed a couple people to go down to Petco to take some pictures and to check out all the products,” said Mr. Davison. “We first saw one end cap and it was surreal; then, we saw another end cap on the other side of the store. We had cats on one side and dogs on the other… it was a fabulous experience.”

Mr. Davison also told us that the exciting news reminded him of an earlier time in his career.

“I had a flashback to 1989, at a time in my life where we didn’t have one product on the shelf yet. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that, in 1989, we had a dream and, yes, we get to see one product hit shelf from time to time; but, 18 at once at an industry leader seems surreal,” said Mr. Davison. “It’s a dream come true in a lot of ways.”

But, Mr. Davison said, he continues to follow that dream.

“We still have plenty to do yet.”