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Henry Ford Museum

Arriving at the Henry Ford Museum!

In the inventing industry, what could be more inspiring than visiting the home of one of history’s most iconic inventors? Over the weekend, we took a trip to Dearborn, Michigan to do just that!


Davison- Henry Ford Museum Trip

Boarding the buses for a fun-filled day at the Henry Ford Museum!

We loaded the buses early Saturday morning to visit the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. Our day started while many people were still asleep, but we were able to catch a few extra ZZZs on the road!

Needless to say, when we arrived in Michigan, we were raring to go!

After a quick pep talk from Mr. Davison, we began our exciting day of inventing fun! Inside the Henry Ford Museum, we saw plenty of Ford’s vehicles, from the Model T to the Mustang! But, as we quickly found out, the Henry Ford Museum is about much more than cars!

Some of the innovative exhibits that we can’t forget to mention included Heroes of the Sky, Made in America and Driving America The World’s Premier Automotive Exhibition.


Greenfield Village History

The history of Greenfield Village.

At Greenfield Village, we learned about Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park Laboratory and Machine Shop, saw the works of the Wright brothers and some of us were even lucky enough to take a ride in Ford’s famous Model T!

All in all, it was an incredible day of exploring all kinds of innovations. As one of our tour guides said it best, “What’s the difference between invention and innovation? Improvement. Inventions - we tend to think about the first idea and we have a feel of those here in the museum… but, most of the innovators that we see, they’re exactly that; they’re innovators. They’re not the first person, but they’re taking what has been done before – that hard work of others – and they’re putting their own hard work into it to make it better.”

On that note, we couldn’t think of a Better Way to spend our Saturday!

Head on over to our Facebook page to see the complete album of pictures from our big day at the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village!

Copyright Davison, 2015

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Davison Does Dearborn

Davison News, Innovation, Inventions


Henry Ford Museum

Henry Ford and the Model T (Image:

Early Saturday morning, we’ll be boarding buses that are heading to Dearborn, Michigan! Why are we going there? Because its home to none other than the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.

The Henry Ford Museum is home to all things inventing and, as their website says, its single-floor space, “with its soaring 40-foot ceilings, covers nine acres dedicated to showcasing the finest collection of its kind ever assembled.”

With that being said and with lots of great exhibits, it’s sure to be a very innovative day!

This fun-filled day of inventing history will begin bright and early. Once we arrive, we’ll spend the day touring the museum and soaking up all of its innovation!

Tune in to our Facebook and Twitter pages for live coverage of our tour at this iconic museum.

Copyright Davison, 2015




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The Lexus Hoverboard Proves Inventions Never Stop Evolving!

Innovation, Innovative Inventions

In our industry, it is widely known that inventions are always evolving. After all, inventors are constantly finding Better Ways to do things, right?

Recently, we saw another example of an invention that continues to evolve and we just couldn’t help but share it!


Lexus Hoverboard

The Lexus Hoverboard. Image:

Luxury vehicle maker Lexus has just released a working hoverboard. The skateboard-esque invention uses superconductors and magnets to pull riders away from gravity, allowing them to zoom through the air like Marty McFly! While the ride is not nearly as effortless as it appeared in Back to the Future, the Lexus Hoverboard has passed initial product testing, proving that, yes, we may actually be able to fly through the air Jetson-style!

Our interests in this story are not purely to satisfy our inner child; our friends over at Inventionland have worked on a couple products that work similarly to the hoverboard concept! Remember our client, John’s BikeBoard? This outdoor enthusiast came up with an idea that combined two of his favorite alternative sports, biking and skateboarding. Imagine if this product was innovated to have hovering capabilities!

Then, there was our client, Kurt’s Hover Creeper. This innovative product actually gave a lift to mechanics everywhere, so that they could hover over imperfect garage floors to easily complete auto repairs. At the time that the product was released, it was necessary to power its air compressor via a wall outlet. But, what if the Lexus Hoverboard technology was used to give the Hover Creeper an additional lift?

It is this kind of forward thinking that fosters new inventions every day, which is why we couldn’t help but get excited about the Lexus Hoverboard’s successful product test! If you haven’t seen the Lexus Hoverboard in action yet, check it out here:

And, the Lexus Hoverboard isn’t the only recent technology that’s pushing for faster individualized transportation. A Japanese engineer has innovated a battery-powered board that is no larger than a laptop! Check out this personalized transporter that has been deemed the WalkCar here:

Here’s to two exciting new inventions that continue to prove there’s always a Better Way!

Copyright Davison, 2015



A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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New “Dare to Invent” Shares Chilly Mat’s Steamy Road to New Product Success!

Dare to Invent, Hugs Pet Products

Diana, inventor of the Chilly Mat

Our always-creative and sometimes-crazy “Dare to Invent” cast is back with their latest product development success story… the Chilly Mat! In this webisode, which is now live on our website, Corporate Creative Director Jason Rogge leads a design team that includes Creationeers Curtis and Clay, as they work on our client, Diana’s idea to relieve pets from sweltering heat.

Chilly Mat- Dare to Invent

Up to their usual hilarious antics, the trio design, engineer and test a product prototype in a steamy scenario…You’ll have to watch the video to find out what we’re talking about!

But, as often happens, the targeted licensing company doesn’t warm right up to the prototype, so Rogge’s design team goes back to the drawing board to find a Better Way to create Diana’s Chilly Mat idea.

As the story goes, this “cool” new puncture-resistant, durable plastic Chilly Mat has become such a hot commodity that it’s being sold under several different labels within the Hugs Pet Company. Maze, Chillz, and now Paula Dean!

Chilly Mat- Dare to Invent

When she visits Inventionland, founder and CEO Mr. Davison takes part in surprising our unsuspecting client inventor, Diana, who sees her product in full packaging for the first time, then receives another big surprise when she is handed her largest royalty check to date!

Without a doubt, this latest “Dare to Invent” webisode is full of unforgettable antics and sweltering surprises that are sure to have you laughing and quite possibly crying out with joy at the success of our client, Diana, and her Chilly Mat product idea.

Watch now as Davison’s Better Way to Invent turns our client Diana’s Chilly Mat idea into a store-ready reality:

Kudos to the entire design team that worked on Diana’s Chilly Mat idea and the entire production team that created the latest Dare to Invent webisode!

Chilly Mat- Dare to Invent

(Tony Allen – Camera Operator, Doug Verosko – Editor, Sam Sandora – Producer, Mike Reid – Director of Photography, Jason Ralph – Sound Design, Erin Monahan – Manager of Production [not pictured])

Copyright Davison, 2015


A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Paula Deen’s Website is Now Selling Dog Food Packaging We Designed!

Hugs Pet Products, Product News

PD General Store

As fall approaches, the excitement continues to build around the partnership that our friends at Hugs Pet Products have formed with celebrity chef and TV host Paula Deen. With Hugs, Deen has just released her own brand of dog food, which is now selling at her website’s General Store!

Deen’s website is not the only place where consumers will be able to purchase her special recipes of dog food. They’re already available from Hugs Pet Products and the chicken, beef and lamb varieties are soon to be available in various stores around the country.

Even before these pet-pampering foods hit stores this fall, we’ve received a first glimpse of the products and packaging from our friends over at Inventionland. Late last month, the very first shipment of Deen’s dog food arrived at their creative space!

The Inventionland design team was responsible for creating the Paula Deen dog food packaging. Just take a look at the back of the bags for proof!

Paula Deen Packaging

You can order your pup’s first bag of Paula Deen’s dog food from Hugs Pet Products or from Deen’s General Store. But, today, we’re giving you a sneak peek at the packaging:

Paula Deen packaging

Paula Deen Pet Food Packaging

Copyright Davison, 2015


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