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A Salute to Our Soldiers


We may have celebrated our nation’s independence earlier this month, but members of our armed forces work day in and day out to protect our freedoms. That’s why, whether it’s Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day or even just an ordinary day of the week, we should give our thanks to those brave men and women who serve our country in regions far and wide.

On July 4, 2013, Food City, a United States supermarket chain with stores located in Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee, released a patriotic advertisement as a tribute to both veterans and active duty military personnel for their service to our country.

With over two million views, this advertisement has hit home to many people all over the nation, and if you haven’t seen it already, check out the clip below:

After watching this advertisement, we hope that it inspired you to salute those service men and women for the sacrifices that they have made to protect the United States of America!

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Unleash the Innovation! SuperZoo Starts Today!

Davison News, Product News

All of the hype that we’ve built up around this year’s SuperZoo in Las Vegas has finally arrived! The National Show for Pet Retailers starts today and lasts through Thursday!

Nearly 50 of our new pet products will be featured at the annual trade show. While there, we will show off our latest designs to those in attendance!

Among the lineup of new pet products we’re debuting at this year’s SuperZoo, retailers will be able to see grooming products, beds, leashes, toys and more! We’ve even got new products for dogs and cats!

Needless to say, we can’t wait to share our feedback with you! Stay tuned for updates!

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When is the Right Time to Get a Patent?


Patents and inventions go hand-in-hand. A patent is a crucial piece to the invention puzzle, because it protects your idea by granting you the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale or selling the invention throughout the United States or importing the invention into the United States.

When a company considers an idea for a new product, it may be advised, “The first thing you need to do is file for your patent as quickly as possible.”  Particularly now that the US is a “First-Inventor-to File” system, some patent service providers have made much of the idea of filing immediately.  However, rushing to file an application before your idea is properly developed and researched can lead to wasted money, a false sense of security and dashed hopes.  Some basic facts about patents:

1.      Not all “ideas” are patentable.  Abstract ideas, laws of nature, non-novel ideas, and obvious adaptations are just a few of the types of “ideas” that are simply not patentable.

2.      Ideas that are not machines, compositions, a process, or a product (article of manufacture) are not the types of ideas that a utility patent addresses.

3.      If you have not developed the idea to the extent that you are able to describe in sufficiently precise detail how the idea would work, or if you are not sure if it would work, then you do not yet have a patentable idea.

In short, yes, filing as soon as it is practical is important, but understanding when it is practical can avoid unnecessary cost and frustration.

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Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!


Today, and likely all weekend long, we will be celebrating our great nation’s independence at BBQs, pool parties and other community events. As we join our friends and family this 4th of July weekend, let’s take a look at the history of Independence Day:

Have a safe, happy and firework-filled 4th of July!

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This Invention is Cruising Towards Innovation

Innovation, Innovative Inventions, Inventions

There is nothing like a relaxing Sunday drive with your windows down and the music on. But, what about a Sunday drive with your windows down, music on and your hands not on the wheel? Yes, you read that right; starting in 2015, hands-free driving will be coming to new cars!

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog about Google’s latest invention of the self-driving car. So today, to keep in line with the invention idea of self-driving cars and innovation, we are going to talk about the Cruise RP-1, which is a system that is an autopilot tool for the road.

This invention works in a way that once the system is installed, a driver can simply press the Cruise button, which then allows the driver to travel on a highway without having to touch the steering wheel or foot pedals. This innovative invention ensures that the car stays in the lane and maintains a safe distance between itself and the car in front of it. Furthermore, the Cruise RP-1 also can stop and navigate a car through stop-and-go traffic.

This invention will be fitted to nearly any vehicle. Additionally, there is a roof-mounted “sensor pod” that will contain two cameras, a radar mechanism, GPS, inertial sensors and an on-board computer, as well as actuators that will control the car’s steering, acceleration and braking actions. The Cruise RP-1 will use all of these software/hardware combinations to constantly scan the road, in order to keep the car operating within a safe distance from other cars and the boundaries that are present in the driving environment.

In addition to the car system, the Cruise also will feature an iOS app that will allow the driver to see what the system can see in real-time. This will be done through Wi-Fi and the app will provide a graphic that will display the cars that are detected around the driver.

As of right now, this invention is scheduled to be released for a limited rollout in California sometime in 2015!

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