Forgotten Ideas Brought Back to Life!

Can you imagine getting a long awaited phone call out of the blue telling you that your idea has sparked the interest of a company? You then find out from Davison’s Licensing Department that they are making an offer to license your product ! That’s right…Davison tries longer! Even when our contracts expire with our clients, we still have companies approaching us and we still attend tradeshows to find corporate licenses for our client’s ideas.

This is a phone call many would love to receive! However, when a client’s project does not get licensed, they tend to move on. In most cases, clients have long since given up on their products, and in some cases – have even forgotten about them. We always love getting offers and deals for our clients even after our contracts expire because it makes a statement of our dedication to our clients!

People give up on their ideas yet we hold on to them in hopes that we find a company who is looking for a particular product. Just because your idea doesn’t get picked up on the first pitch, doesn’t mean years later a company won’t have a use for it !

For example, recently (this past March) a company that has licensed products with us in the past attended the International Housewares show in Chicago. They were looking for products that they could bring to the show that fit into their existing product line. It just so happens that the team at Davison held on to a product, The Taco Shell Maker, that fit the description of the product category the company was looking for.

After first refusing, the persistence of our licensing department paid off and the company agreed to showcase the product at the upcoming trade show. It turns out, the product was a huge hit with both retailers and manufacturers. The company quickly realized they should adopt this product into their product line and soon after, they licensed it !

The best part about this is that our team did this second round of product pitching, absolutely free! It didn’t cost the client a penny. This is just one of the many examples of times where companies have been in search of a product that wasn’t so successful in the past, but years later, is exactly what a different company was looking for.

We would love to hear your ideas for any products you feel serve as “a better way” of doing something!


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More and More Product Licenses!

Recently, Founder and CEO Mr. George Davison was presented with seven new product license agreements for products that are healthcare related!

This is a huge milestone for Davison considering we are trying to extend our product reach into different industries including healthcare. Due to the recent involvement with a large healthcare corporation, Davison has been seeing an increase in demand for products relating to anything eye, ear or chiropractic in nature.

“This is a great opportunity to expand into this area of the product market” stated Mr. Davison. In a market where products are constantly evolving, the team here at Davison is eager to introduce products into this industry that could help change people’s lives.

Keep checking back for updates on what these products are and when you’ll expect to see some of them on the store shelves!

Do you have a product idea that fits into the medical device category that you feel could help make a difference in someone’s life? Our professional team at Davison is always ready to speak with new idea people to help move their ideas forward. Confidentially submit your invention idea today!

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A typical project does not get a royalty agreement or sell in stores.

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Thursday Thoughts from Pioneering Innovators

All famous Innovators have changed the world in one way or another; whether it be Thomas Edison and his invention of the light bulb or Alexander Graham Bell and his invention of the telephone. It’s safe to say that these great ideas for products that changed the world, had to start somewhere with just an idea and the ambition to not give up.

Anyone and everyone can have a great idea for something that could potentially change the world as we know it. However; the real test of whether or not that idea will change the world is if the person behind the idea has the ambition to pursue it no matter what the obstacles are that stand in the way.

Is there a problem you’ve wanted to solve? Can you think of a better way to do something? Once we channel our inner creativity and think of an idea, it then comes down to persistence and the ambition to pursue that idea. Will you give up easily or decide it’s okay to fail your way forward? Do you believe enough in yourself and your idea to keep going? These are all questions you must ask yourself that famous innovators surely asked themselves when they approached an obstacle.

The lesson is to keep believing in yourself and in your idea, and to have that ambition to not give up! As history has shown, it is possible to turn ideas into reality and create “a better way” to solve any problem there is. Our team a Davison works with real innovative people every day to help guide them through the process of turning their ideas into reality. Take a look back throughout the years to recognize great innovators who have paved the way for today’s society. They all had to start somewhere. Use their powerful messages to motivate the innovator within you, and use that to help drive your ambition to create “a better way”.


“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas Edison


Do you have an invention idea? Confidentially submit your idea today.

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Clients Commend Davison Directors for Their Assistance


Davison directors take customer service to heart. They strive to satisfy each and every customer – giving them each their own personal attention. It is always a great feeling when the team receives feedback commending them for a job well done.

As we begin working with each client and continue them on their inventing journey, we send them a Pre-Development Portfolio survey, so they can provide feedback on their overall experience thus far.

After reviewing their Pre-Development Portfolios, these clients commented on what a positive experience they have had with their directors as they continue to work to turn product ideas into reality.

five stars

“Very nice man and helped me so much. ”  – Larry R.

five stars

“Great guy. [My director] is professional, responsive and smart. ” – Mari F.

five stars

“[My director] is a very thorough person that has helped me now with my second project. Thank you all for all of your time and effort.”  – Michael R.

five stars

“Very professional. Even when I don’t understand, he puts it in a different perspective so I will understand.” – Sarah S.


What great feedback! We love hearing from our current and past clients on how our team members have helped them in bringing their product ideas to life. Confidentially submit your invention idea today!
Copyright Davison, 2017

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Hit Products at the Chicago Housewares Show!

More and more Davison products are to be developed coming out of last week’s Housewares Show! Last week, one of the companies registered with us to confidentially review our ideas and our client’s ideas – Jokari, attended the International Housewares Show in Chicago. The team here at Davison, and our clients have helped this company design, develop and put on the store shelves many products in the past and there are more product projects coming our way after the show!

Davison has already developed many successful products for the company using the same 9-step method we walk each product design through. These products were a huge hit at the show with many retailers who were looking for the next best kitchen gadgets. Our products really stacked up well against their competitors, offering better innovative solutions to problems that plague many households.

Do you have a product idea that fits into the “kitchen gadget or household storage/organization” category? Our professional team at Davison is always ready to speak with new idea people to help move their ideas forward. Confidentially submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2017

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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