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As another school year is upon us, we can’t help but think of our clients, who work diligently to learn and better themselves with the Davison Inventing Method.

Positive Client Feedback - Davison Inventing

Though the school year may just be getting started, Davison is continually getting grades back from our clients, who are always providing us with useful feedback to help us further our knowledge.

It’s for this reason that we’re sharing with you some responses that we’ve received from our clients, who have reviewed their Pre-Development Portfolios.

Client feedback is important to us, so once we review their thoughts, we put them to good use and refine our inventing method in the hopes of helping idea people everywhere to potentially see their dreams come to fruition.

Our clients have spoken! Check out what they had to say about their Pre-Development Portfolios:

  • “Very nice portfolio…” – D’jimmy D.
  • “The whole experience has been extraordinary with the assistance of Davison.” – Otusanya A.
  • “I really liked how everything was put together. It’s just what I imagined.” – Devonta C.
  • “I like the help that I have been given to get my idea out there.” -  Thomas D.

If you’re ready to make your inventing dream a reality, submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2016

The typical client project is not licensed, sold in stores or profitable.

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Davison Client Invention Reshapes the Burger

Chef Tony Burger Dog Pan Inventor

When clients come to Davison, they come for inventing expertise and guidance backed by over 25 years of experience in helping everyday idea people hopefully bring their inventions to life.

As is with many new inventions, ideas are usually created as a solution to a common problem.

This continued to be true for one Tampa Bay, Florida mother who invented a unique baking pan that brings two all-American classics – hamburgers and hot dogs – together in a way that not only culminated into a new invention, but brings innovation to cooking and recipes.

This isn’t just any inventor story. This is the story of a Davison inventor who found a better way to combine two cookout favorites into one, in a healthier way.

For Davison client, Ingrid, the ingredients in hot dogs were particularly troubling. Though often a crowd favorite, Ingrid wanted to find a better way to make a healthier hot dog alternative.

After having been to many summer cookouts, Ingrid came up with an idea for a pan that would shape ground meat into the form of a hot dog. The pan would drain the grease during the cooking process and the final product would be a healthier alternative to a hot dog that would still preserve the convenient, easy-to-eat shape.

After being licensed to Love Cooking Company under their Chef Tony Notaro line of healthy cooking bakeware, Ingrid got to see and hold her final product in its packaging, with her idea turned invention all the more real.

Chef Tony Burger Dog Pan Inventor

If this isn’t exciting enough, Ingrid and her story were featured in a recent Tampa Bay Times’ article, which outlines the invention’s pending debut on QVC’s In the Kitchen with David and the hopes that Ingrid has for not only this invention, but also the “book full of inventions” that she’s been saving up for, in order to pursue.

Ingrid’s invention is reshaping the way that we make burgers. Now, the question remains, how can your invention potentially reshape and offer a better way to do something?

Start your quest for the answer and submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2016

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit. The client has not realized a net profit.

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An Inventor’s Idea + Davison Inventing Method + QVC = Success

Mega Bacon Pan QVC - Davison Design and Development

In the invention industry, things change; they evolve.

This sentiment holds especially true for the Mega Bacon Pan, which evolved from our client Jean’s Meatball Baker.

Last month, the Mega Bacon Pan was featured on QVC’s “In the Kitchen with David.”

QVC host David Venable was intrigued and excited about the Davison-designed product! During the segment, Chef Tony showcased the possibilities with this innovative kitchen product, which included perfectly-cooked bacon, jerkies and even healthy chicken breasts!

The two-part pan with baking sheet and wire rack holds 18 slices of bacon and elevates each slice out of its own grease on a diagonal, so that the fats and oils can drain away for a crisp, flavorful piece of bacon!

“We say goodbye grease, hello flavor!” said Chef Tony, as he was showcasing the product to viewers across the country.

During the segment, both Chef Tony and David Venable showcased the perfectly-cooked bacon, which the pan allows to cook on its side.

While this sizzling news was exciting, this month, we want to use this QVC appearance as a lesson in confidence for those idea people who are working towards their invention dreams.

Chasing after your dreams requires discipline, knowledge and the courage to take the necessary steps in order to get you closer to your goals.

Whether you have an idea for a kitchen product or an idea for another category, think of how Jean’s belief in her idea brought her product to success and even evolved into other successful products!

We encourage you to use Jean as a source of inspiration and motivation along your journey as she is a great example of what can happen when you believe in your idea and work hard to hopefully see your product in the spotlight, too.

Are you ready to move forward with your idea? Submit today!

Copyright Davison, 2016

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Look Who’s Talking…

Positive Client Feedback - Davison

When we receive positive feedback from happy clients, we can’t help but share.

It’s for this reason that in today’s blog, we’re sharing with you some responses from clients who have received and reviewed their Pre-Development Portfolios!

Once we receive this feedback, we put it to good use to refine our inventing method and help idea people everywhere potentially see their dreams become a reality.

Without further ado, here are five responses from Davison clients:

  • “Can I say perfect?” ­– Ezra G.
  • “The efficiency of the Portfolio is greatly appreciated. Great work.” ­- Richard A.
  • “It was very informational, just what I needed to have in order to understand everything.” – Angie S.
  • “I love the portfolio. It has [given] me a new [insight] on my product.” – Phillip B.
  • “I am impressed with the information provided and the way it was provided.” - Carolyn E.

If you’re ready to make your inventing dream a reality, submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2016

The typical client project is not licensed, sold in stores or profitable.

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Happy (Almost) Birthday, Henry Ford!

Henry Ford Birthday

July 30th was a seemingly ordinary day. That is until Henry Ford, American industrialist and the founder of Ford Motor Company, was born in 1863.

This Saturday marks the birthday of the innovative visionary who revolutionized the automobile industry as we know it and has continued to be a source of inspiration for our very own founder and CEO George Davison.

To honor Henry Ford, we decided to do a little throwback to last year when many of our Davison team members boarded buses and headed to Ford’s hometown.

Davison's trip to Dearborn, Michigan

Early one August morning, our team members, with bags in hand, found a seat on a tour bus and began their journey to Dearborn, Michigan, to visit the Henry Ford Museum as well as Greenfield Village.

While on the trip, many experienced a spin in one of Ford’s famous Model Ts and completely engrossed themselves in the innovation and creativity that was evident in every corner of the museum.

Remember this video of a Model T gliding through the village?

Known for his creativity in the automobile industry, Henry Ford can serve as an inspiration to idea people everywhere. New inventions and innovations are solutions to problems or upgrades to existing products.

In Henry Ford’s time, horse-drawn carriages served as the primary mode of transportation.  That is until he came to the realization that there was a better way to travel. It was with this idea and the overwhelming demand for a new means of transportation that Henry Ford introduced his revolutionary mass-production methods. Along with the introduction of the Model T, Ford also unveiled large production plants and the use of standardized, interchangeable parts. In 1913, the world was introduced to the first moving assembly line for cars and the rest is history.

So, as we celebrate Henry Ford’s birthday this weekend, we wanted to leave you with some food for thought from the innovator himself:

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

Copyright Davison, 2016




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