Our Heartfelt Promise to People with Ideas

You work on your idea day in and day out. You come up with new ways to make it better, more practical, and all around more desirable. You think to yourself, “Wow, this could change the world”. You’re a passionate individual who has spent hours thinking about how you can go about turning your dreams …

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Inventing a New Way to Invent

One of the biggest challenges an inventor has is understanding how to make their ideas resonate. We can always come up with ideas, but we struggle to tell the story of how they will be useful and why they will matter to people. Throughout countless years of trial and error, Davison has turned inventing into …

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Davison App Sparks Consumer Excitement!

Last year, Davison began offering app development in addition to our product development services. This area of our business has recently begun growing in popularity and we are proud to announce that one of the apps we developed for a client, The Photo Hub, is averaging between 400 and 450 downloads per week! Like many …

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Clients Can’t Say Enough Nice Things About Our Directors!

  Our Directors work very hard to insure that all of our customer’s questions are answered and that they are satisfied. We understand that first impressions are everything, which is why we ask each one of our clients how they feel about our initial services by having them fill out a Pre-Development Portfolio survey. The …

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The First Camera Phone

The year is 1997. Big companies like Microsoft and HP are rapidly growing; releasing new technology on a regular basis. However, the technology to take and share a photo instantly still isn’t there. Phillipe Kahn, a software entrepreneur, is tinkering with a new idea that he could instantly take and share a photo, yet he …

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