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Celebrating Black History Month: Inventor Spotlight

Black History Month - Davison Invention

At Davison, idea people are at the forefront of our success. As we celebrate Black History Month, we commemorate three African American inventors who changed history. Without their inventions, our lives would be drastically different today. Learn about the fascinating lives and inventions of these idea people!

George Washington Carver

George_Washington_Carver - Davison Invention

Best known for his idea that revolutionized agriculture in the south, George Washington Carver ultimately transformed the economy. In the late 1800s, this botany student at the Iowa Agricultural College was recruited by Booker T. Washington to join the Tuskegee Institute’s Agricultural School, where Carver would discover and share his new agricultural technique.

Carver found that growing cotton year after year exhausted soil of its nutrients. To end this vicious cycle, Carver planted cotton one year and soil-enriching peanuts or sweet potatoes the next. Southern farmers gave his method a chance and reaped the benefits. Because of Carver’s innovative method, the soil was of better quality and the farmers were able to feed their livestock with the surplus of peanuts.

Carver also famously developed more than 300 ways to use peanuts, some of which were cooking oil, hand lotion and even ink!

Madam C.J. Walker

Madame_CJ_Walker -- Davison Invention

It was hair loss that inspired this innovative inventor to find a better way. Madam Walker’s story dates back to the 1890s when she began suffering from hair loss, a very common occurrence at this time in history. To find a solution to this ongoing problem, Madam Walker began conducting her own experiments and after some time, she created her formula that she dubbed, “Madam C.J. Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower.” Once her invention was completed, she hit the road and made her rounds throughout the country spreading the word about her hair care tips and products for African American women. It was her knowledge, determination and self-promotional expertise that made Madam Walker one of the first self-made female millionaires in America!

Lewis Howard Latimer

Lewis Howard Latimer - Davison Invention

Latimer is best known for his lightbulb moment that occurred when he worked with famous inventor Hiram Maxim at the U.S. Electric Lighting Company. In 1881, Latimer received a patent for a carbon filament for the incandescent lightbulb. It was this invention that shed light on a better way to make electric lighting not only more practical, but also affordable for the average household as well!

Now, these were three historic African American inventors. Check back in the coming weeks when we spotlight contemporary inventors!

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Davison’s SHOT at Trade Show Success

SHOT Show - SignLast month, Managing Senior Directors of Licensing Matt and Robert, who you may remember from our CES 2016 recap, were back on the trade show circuit when they made their way to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (SHOT Show).

SHOT Show - Davison Inventions SHOT Show - Davison Inventions

This event took place in Las Vegas from January 19 – 22, with over 64,000 people in attendance, including some notable attendees such as presidential candidate Donald Trump, former U.S. Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and country music duo Big & Rich!

SHOT Show - Davison Inventions - Realtree

Not only were big-name celebrities at the event, big-name brands were there, too!

SHOT Show - Davison Inventions - Yeti

This was the first time both Matt and Robert had attended the SHOT Show and the duo definitely left impressed with what they saw on display!

SHOT Show - Davison Inventions SHOT Show - Davison Inventions

With lots of military gear and tactical companies, in addition to hunting, fishing and outdoor companies,  there was a lot to look at. Furthermore, there were a lot of companies to engage with, so both Matt and Robert were busy making connections.

Overall, this trade show gave Davison a SHOT at success by giving Matt and Robert the chance to meet with companies and establish manufacturing relationships, which:

  1. Allows the Davison team to match faces to names
  2. Allows the Davison team to see where manufacturers’ lines are currently and where they are headed
  3. Allows Davison to get an inside look into the industry and how our products and innovations can help existing companies
  4. Provides a preview of what’s trending in the industry

Since Matt and Robert have returned from the SHOT Show, they’ve been busy nurturing relationships with the connections they’ve made and are working hard to promote Davison’s outdoor innovations!

Copyright Davison, 2016

While Davison regularly attends trade shows in a number of industries, it does not promise that any particular client product will be, or is likely to be, presented or discussed at a trade show.

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New Month, New Attitude



The first chapter of 2016 has come to a close and a brand-new chapter begins today!

As we start another day, week and month – let’s kick off this clean slate with some motivation!

The motivation that we’re sharing with you today comes by way of our satisfied clients. These idea people let us know just how happy they are to be working with Davison to hopefully one day turn their idea into a new product!

Client Feedback - Davison

“Looking forward to moving on.”

Client Feedback - Davison

“I had an idea that needed professional guidance and a trustworthy background.”

Client Feedback - Davison

“This is exactly the type of opportunity I was looking for and I’m glad I found it with Davison.”

If you’re ready to take the first step toward your inventing dream, submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2016

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These Famous Idea People Failed Their Way Forward


In Monday’s blog, we introduced the idea of failing your way forward. We showed you how failure isn’t the end. In fact, failure is just the beginning.

After sharing our founder and CEO George Davison’s story of failing forward, we were intrigued and did some investigating of our own to uncover other prominent inventors and idea people’s stories of failure that turned into success.

Without further ado, we’d like to share with you four famous idea people who failed their way forward!

Sir James Dyson

Sir James Dyson - Fail Forward

“Enjoy failure and learn from it. You can never learn from success.”

Vacuuming your home wouldn’t be the same if Sir James Dyson gave up on himself and his idea after countless failed attempts. By countless, we mean 5,126 failed prototypes, in addition to completely wiping out his savings over the course of 15 years. Little did Sir Dyson know that lucky number 5,127 would be the patent that turned his idea into reality! Now, Dyson is the best-selling bagless vacuum brand in America. It’s a story such as this that shows how failing forward, no matter how many times, can sometimes lead to major success!

Bill Gates

Bill Gates - Fail Forward

“It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

It might be hard to believe, but the co-founder of Microsoft endured his own setbacks. In fact, in high school, Gates along with fellow Microsoft co-found Paul Allen created Traf-O-Data. Though they were paid for their efforts, the business ultimately failed. After high school, Gates went on to attend Harvard but eventually dropped out! Though some would consider dropping out of Harvard as a failure, Gates saw it as an opportunity to pursue programming. In the end, Gates used both of these events in his life to propel himself forward and to create what we now know as Microsoft.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison - Fail Forward

“I failed my way to success.”

What would you do if you were told that you’re “too stupid to learn anything?” For some, that would cripple any attempts at chasing after their dreams, but for Edison, when his teachers told him that he was “too stupid to learn anything” he used their words as motivation to fail forward. Even after being fired from not one, but two jobs, Edison still pushed forward to chase after his dreams. If he had succumbed to these roadblocks in his life, we wouldn’t have the inventions that changed the course of our lives as we know them, including the practical electrical lamp, the phonograph and, of course, the movie camera. Naysayers couldn’t deter Edison; rather they propelled him to fail forward and ultimately have more than 1,000 patents credited to his name!

John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird - Fail Forward

Finally, in case you missed it, yesterday marked the 90-year celebration of John Logie Baird’s television invention! His mechanical television, also known as “the televisor,” was much like a radio. The difference was that his invention included a rotating mechanism that generated video to accompany the sound. Though his invention preceded the modern television, when he publicly demonstrated his invention in 1926 in Soho in front of members from the Royal Institution and a Journalist from the times, his idea wasn’t warmly accepted. In fact, the journalist didn’t see a future for this invention. But, that wasn’t the worst of it. Baird approached the Daily Express newspaper with his invention and they actually kicked him out. Talk about a failed attempt. But Baird didn’t let that failure deter him; he instead used it to fail forward and in 1927 he transmitted content a whopping 438 miles through a telephone line between London and Glasnow.

As you can see, even the most famous idea people have endured their fair share of failure along the way. However, it’s how they handled these obstacles that ultimately led them to their profound success.

Rather than letting failure define them, these idea people failed forward. Look how amazing their ideas turned out!

If you’re ready to chase after your inventing dreams with the Davison Inventing Method, submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2016




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Fail your Way Forward


Fail Your Way Forward - Davison Inventing

The idea of “Fail your way forward” hits close to home here at Davison, but in a good way. Keep reading to learn more.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” - Thomas A. Edison

“Fail your way forward.” It may sound counterproductive, because failure often carries a negative connotation. In reality, failure doesn’t mean the end; failure means the beginning of something new.

Just take our founder and CEO George Davison’s story, for example.

It all began in 1986 when Davison, like many people, had an idea for a product. His product was one that would prevent toothbrush germs from spreading and getting everyone in his family sick.

After two years of hard work and spending nearly every dime to his name to bring his idea to life, a major corporation beat him to the market with his idea.

Fail Your Way Forward - Davison Inventing Method

This is a moment that could have stifled anyone’s dreams. And though this is what some would characterize as a failure, for Mr. Davison, he used this as ammunition to “fail forward.” How? Because it got Mr. Davison thinking, “Why didn’t other idea people have access to a similar process; an affordable idea-to-product method like the one major corporations used?”

For Mr. Davison, he saw a need and since necessity is the mother of all invention, he needed everything under one roof to invent his products in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

He knew there was a better way to compete; after all, inventions are made because they provide solutions to problems.

From this idea, a new method that would benefit future generations of idea people was born. This idea didn’t develop overnight; it took years of experimentation to figure out the best means to affordably transform ideas into products.

On his journey, Mr. Davison experienced his fair share of failures and successes that led him to the best approach. Over time, he found a method that worked.

After two decades of hard work, Mr. Davison developed an invention method that would forever change how product ideas became actual products. It’s this method that dubbed Mr. Davison as a “Creative Genius” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

“We’ve invented the world’s most affordable way to invent and at one time, we didn’t know if we could do that. Just like all other inventions, you have to hope that you can invent it. You have to hope that you can make it affordable. You have to hope that you can tell the story about what it is – and that gets you right back to [some of the] basic pieces of inventing,” said Mr. Davison.

Mr. Davison has shared his inventing method with us and he wants to share another piece of invaluable advice with fellow idea people:

“If you’re going to be an inventor and you have an idea that you want to get out there to the world, I would stress to you to think very carefully about your chances, as a first-time of doing everything right is pretty hard. By the way, that was me many years ago. Before I started this company, I was in my early twenties and naïve; I thought I could and unfortunately I failed miserably… It took me many years to develop a skillset and to be able to build systems, so that we could actually invent affordably and achieve the outcome we were looking for.”

If you’re ready to chase after your inventing dreams with the Davison Inventing Method, submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2016

The typical Davison client project does not result in a license, sales in stores or profit to the inventor.

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