How Software is Affecting Tomorrow; Today

Today, as you walk down the street- take a look around. What do you see? How many cars can you count? Keep this in mind because in ten years this scene may look completely different.

Thanks to technological innovations, it is predicted that within our lifetime we will see a drastic decrease in human operated cars on the road. As autonomous vehicles become more of a reality, the need for every person to own an automobile will soon dwindle down. By 2020, more than ten of the most well-known car manufacturers will be releasing their versions of self-driving automobiles. Companies such as Ford even announced their version of an autonomous car will come without a steering wheel or pedals!

Imagine how convenient; instead of owning a car, simply pulling out your phone and ordering a car to your house (very similar to Uber). However, this one is completely computer operated – eliminating the chance of human error when searching for your location. This method of transportation will also be much cheaper than Uber, for there will be no need to have a human driver in the car.  Accidents will become sparser, traffic will die down due to less driver error, and people can become way more efficient by getting their work done in a car that is driving itself. This will eliminate drunken driving, car accidents, and accidents that occur due to falling asleep at the wheel.

These autonomous vehicles will have an impact on numerous industries. Insurance companies will begin to dissolve and be forced to lower their pricing. With fewer vehicles on the roads and the less likelihood of a crash due to the autonomous technology, insurance rates will naturally go down. Gas stations will be forced to begin adapting over to electric charging stations, fuel prices will drop. Auto mechanics and specialty shops will have to learn new methods of working on these “computers”.  These are just some of the many impacts industries will experience once this technology becomes mainstream.

Innovation and technological advancements are what drive tomorrow’s world. Without the people behind these ideas, none of these advancements would be possible. It is everyday people, people like you who can have an idea that will change the world of tomorrow.

Do you have an idea for a product that will help change the way humans accomplish tasks in the 21st century? If so, we would love to hear it. Confidentially submit your idea today!


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The 4th Industrial Revolution is Quickly Approaching!

The future is quickly approaching! In a world where not even a few decades ago we had computers the size of a room; technology, manufacturing and just the way we accomplish everyday tasks, are constantly evolving.

Let’s rewind to 1998. Kodak, one of the largest companies on the New York Stock Exchange had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within a few short years, its business model dissolved, and it then soon went bankrupt. Nobody saw it coming until it was too late.

The scary thing is, that this may even be happening to companies today and they don’t realize it. Who knows where well-known companies today, will be in the next 5-10 years?  What happened to Kodak is bound to happen again, but at a much faster pace. In a world where artificial intelligence, health, autonomous/electric cars, 3D printing, and agriculture are constantly evolving we are going to begin to see more and more companies fall by the wayside. America is now entering its fourth industrial revolution.

Products are also experiencing this same situation. As new technological innovations hit industries, products are constantly evolving to better suit our wants and needs. It is imperative that we keep up with these evolving industries by helping evolve products as well.

Do you have an idea for a product that offers a better way of doing something? If so, submit your idea today!


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More Positive Client Feedback!

We love hearing feedback from our valued clients, so much so that we want to share it with you to express how important customer satisfaction is to our team!

When we start work with new clients, we send them Pre-Development Portfolio surveys, asking them what they think of our services so far, in hopes that we can always continue to better adapt our customer care.

After reviewing a few of these surveys, we found that these clients had nothing but positive things to say about Davison Directors. Check it out!

five stars

“[Director] is an excellent and professional person. He makes me feel like part of the company. I do appreciate his help. ” Nefthali C.

five stars

“He is a wonderful person that makes you feel like part of the family at Davison.” – Margie T.

five stars

“Nice guy, takes time to make sure I understand every step.”  – Jeremiah M.

five stars

“He is very awesome to talk to. I feel like he takes his time to listen and help.” – Sharon D.

What great feedback! Our Directors take pride in their ability to help our clients fulfill their dreams. They are always ready to help people turn their product ideas into reality. Confidentially submit your invention idea today!


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Tires Take a Spin into the 21st Century!

At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be much ingenuity behind an everyday automobile tire, just some rubber wrapped around a steel rim. That’s all there is to it, right? For the past fifty years that may have been the case, but in today’s world, tire manufacturers and even startup companies are challenging the traditional style of a tire and creating an entirely new concept.

Traditional tires or pneumatic tires haven’t changed much since John Dunlop developed the first rubber tire concept in 1888. In addition to providing traction, pneumatic tires provide comfort to the driver by absorbing impact while being attached to the vehicle by a steel rim. However, different companies have different methods of creating pneumatic tires. Tire manufactures have different rubber formulas to deliver special combinations of both durability and performance. Currently, Goodyear, Michelin, and Bridgestone are leading the industry in tire sales.

In recent years, Michelin has been stirring up some buzz in the tire industry. With the introduction of their new T-wheel designed tire, Michelin is changing the game of tire manufacturing. The T-wheel is designed to work without air. Instead, the tire is supported by flexible polyurethane spokes that move with the tire. This design allows for the tire to experience greater abuse without rupturing, and it cannot be punctured!

The T-wheel differs from other traditional solid puncture-proof tires in the way it was created. Regular solid tires although puncture proof, make for a harsh ride for the operator and are hard on equipment since there is nothing there to absorb impact. The T-wheel is designed so that it offers the same puncture-proof technology yet absorbs impact at the same time due to its flexible design.

Check out how Michelin’s latest design stacks up against both pneumatic tires and solid tires, here!

It’s safe to say that innovation can come to even to most simple of products. Who would have ever thought you could re-engineer a basic tire? It is innovations like these that help pave way for “a better way” of moving forward in numerous industries.

Do you have an idea for a product that offers a better way of doing something? If so, submit your idea today!



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Davison had no involvement with the design or development of the featured product.


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Clients Can’t Say Enough Nice Things About Our Directors!

It gives our team a great sense of satisfaction when our clients have such wonderful things to say about the help our directors provide on a daily basis. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, and we have the client testimonials to back that up!

As we begin to build our relationships with each new client, we send them a Pre-Development Portfolio survey, in hopes of gathering feedback so that we can continue to better adapt our customer service.

After reviewing their Pre-Development Portfolio surveys, we found that these clients had nothing but nice things to say about our Directors!

five stars“[Director] takes the time to make sure I fully understand everything and really works with me. ”  – Patricia C.

five stars

“[Director] is awesome. I really wouldn’t want to work with anyone else, after his professionalism.” – Johnathan R.

five stars

“Easy to understand, speaks clearly and reliable.”  – Luther C.

five stars

“[Director] is very professional and personable. It is always a pleasure talking to him.” – Daryl M.


What great customer feedback! Our team members take pride in their ability to help our customers fulfil their dreams. They are always ready to help people turn their product ideas into reality. Confidentially submit your invention idea today!


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