Power of Observation Leads to Innovation

Innovation is a natural phenomenon that occurs over time. Think of things you see and use in your daily life that have evolved by leaps and bounds over time thanks to major innovations and improvements – wheels, telecommunication, computers, gaming and more.

It’s when we open our eyes and open our minds to the nature of improvement that innovation ignites.

For over 27 years, so many people have reached out to our professional team at Davison because they believed in their ideas. They are idea people. They are innovators. They are inventors.

These clients believed that they had found “a better way.” While some confidentially submitted ideas for completely new inventions, others submitted ideas for innovations that would improve a current way something is done. They were able to tune into their power of observation and open their minds to the possibility of improvement. In either case, these client stories are not unlike the story of our founder, Mr. George Davison. While they may have tried and failed and then tried again and failed again, it’s all a part of failing your way forward.

As we keep going after our ideas, new observations are realized. We learn to understand why it didn’t work the first time, the second time, the third time. However many times it takes is what’s necessary to make movement and progress. Just take it from one of Mr. Davison’s inspirational thought leaders:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

Thomas Edison

American inventor Thomas Alva Edison (1847 – 1931), in his laboratory at Orange, New Jersey. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

The lesson is to keep curious, keep observing and continue on the path to innovation. If you have an idea and want help on your invention journey, contact us today.

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How-To: Inventing Basics Every Inventor Should Know


Inventing is not an easy process. It takes motivation and dedication to move your invention forward. Founder George Davison has identified three key fundamentals of inventing. Let these ideals motivate you to push forward towards your goals.

A desire to do good by improving things.

In a previous blog post, we talked about the importance of desire when pursuing an idea, which noted:

In the invention industry, desire is what sparks the fire; it’s what helps a person persevere despite the ups and downs of the process…

Desire is fueled by your ‘why?’… For our founder, George Davison, his ‘why’ was fueled by failure and his story of passion and desire has become a great example of how to fail your way forward.

Why do you think your idea is better and what goodness will it bring into our world? It takes desire to begin answering these questions. Until you’ve found that inner spark that fuels you to open up and be creative, it will be hard to latch onto the desire that’s necessary to accomplish great things. When the desires change and we ask ourselves for something better or for something more, our minds open up and we start to look for new solutions.

Use your observational skills to identify improvement opportunities that mean something to you.

Every invention started somewhere. You’ll find that when you give your mind permission to seek innovation and improvement, a world of different opportunities will start to present itself to you. Some of us may seek improvements that we encounter in the world around us, while others will go into deep science seeking understanding that will one day provide insight for inventors in the future to invent their creations.

Start innovating.

How to start innovating begins with the environment around you. We are big believers in creating inspirational environments around our inventors. When you are immersed with a positive can-do spirit, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

One of the first things about innovation and invention is creating an environment for yourself that enables mental openness to allow you to think of a better way to do something.

“I have fundamentally altered innovation labs, R&D labs, college makerspaces, high school makerspaces and more for people, just trying to set the stage for a creative mindset to take root,” said Mr. Davison.

The professional team at Davison is here to help guide you through the inventing process, just like they’ve done with so many other Davison clients who dared to invent.

Get started today by confidentially submitting your invention idea!

Copyright Davison, 2016

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Inspiration to Dare to Invent

Dare to Invent Logo

Inventing is about more than just having an idea… It’s about taking a chance.

This notion is something that the Directors of New Products at Davison preach to each potential client every day. It’s about taking that next step to give your product idea a chance at moving forward. As they say, if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

Founder Mr. George Davison (“Mr. D”), understands this notion all too well, as he’s continued to take that chance again and again, failing his way forward to create his best invention, the Davison® Inventing Method.

Mr. D dared to invent. Since 1989, he and the talented team at Davison inspire other idea people to do the same. Just take a look at any of the client videos in our Dare to Invent webisode series.

Not only are these webisodes available online to inspire the inventor within, but many may not know that they’re also played during client visits to Mr. D’s 61,000 square foot creative facility, Inventionland, where the theater just got outfitted with a new “Dare to Invent” marquee sign!

Mr. D with Theater Marquee

This newly installed sign can be viewed as a message of inspiration for idea people everywhere. See it at Inventionland during a Davison client tour. Why take a Davison client tour of Inventionland?

A truly eye-opening experience.

Not only do clients get to hear great stories, but they come to understand even further some of the hurdles that must be overcome when trying to bring a product to market.

An inspirational journey.

Visitors enjoy learning about what inspired Mr. D to create Inventionland and how his own personal journey has led to such an amazing facility and inspiring organization.

Dare to invent! Confidentially submit your idea here to get started on your inventing journey. Once connected, ask your director about an Inventionland tour for further inspiration.

Copyright Davison, 2016


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Davison Client Justin’s Dessert Carrier Available at Bed Bath & Beyond!

David Tutera Decadent Delights Carrier

At Davison, there’s not much sweeter than when we can help a client inventor fine-tune their ideas and turn them into new products. By guiding a client and their invention idea through our product development process, the ultimate hope is for product success.

So, what is sweeter? How about when products begin selling in major big-box retailers?

Just this week, the Davison licensing department announced that client Justin’s dessert carrier idea has made its way to Bed Bath & Beyond – online and within 35 select brick-and-mortar stores across the nation!

It’s a huge win for Managing Senior Directors of Licensing Matt and Bob and client Justin, who’ve been working to bring the dessert carrier such success since 2012. In reality, this further bit of success is just another piece of the success pie as Justin’s dessert carrier had initially been licensed to Love Cooking Company who later relaunched the product under their David Tutera Decadent Delights collection, after solidifying a partnership with the celebrity wedding and entertaining expert in 2015.

“Love Cooking informed me that the entire David Tutera Decadent Delights line is now available for sale at Bed Bath & Beyond online!” said Matt. As you can imagine, this news really helped to jumpstart Matt’s week and we couldn’t be happier for client Justin!

Bed Bath & Beyond Website

According to Matt, Justin’s dessert carrier and the rest of Love Cooking Company’s entire David Tutera Decadent Delights collection will be tested in the 35 select Bed Bath & Beyond stores through the month of November. If all goes well, the line could be featured on Bed Bath & Beyond store shelves indefinitely!

Congratulations on a job well done by Davison’s licensing department and to client inventor Justin on a sweet idea! Do you also have a sweet idea? Confidentially submit your idea here.

Copyright Davison, 2016

The inventor of the Dessert Carrier has not realized a net profit on this product.  The typical Davison client project is not licensed, sold in stores or profitable.

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These Clients Had Something to Say About Davison


Client feedback is what helps us grow as a company. When a person decides to work with Davison, we send them a Pre-Development Portfolio to review and provide some feedback about their journey so far.

When we receive these responses, we take the time to review and assess exactly what our clients have to say about us and our services. We take this feedback in stride and use it to reshape our inventing method to help idea people from far and wide potentially see their dream become reality.

We are pleased when our clients take the time to give us special, positive feedback that we like to share their thoughts with you, too.

Check it out!

“I acted on good faith when I submitted my idea and I was treated in a way that made me trust and love Davison.” – Rudzani M.

“The help and advice that I have received so far has been excellent.” – Mike N.

“I’m glad I got to discover Davison. Without them, I don’t know what I would [have] done. I’m so honestly excited about this.”  – Mario L.

If you’re ready to make your inventing dream a reality, submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2016

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