Davison Designed Bench Featured on the Today Show

Place yourself in the shoes of a coach for your child’s sports team. The score is tied and you have possession of the ball; a timeout is called with just seconds left in the game. You sit your players down on the bench, thinking they’re paying attention to everything you’re saying. The timeout is over, …

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New Flight Tech Leads to Faster Trips

How many times have you dreaded taking a redeye flight across the country? Or even taking a two-hour flight between states? Supersonic flight isn’t something only achievable by the military or fictional characters in Star Wars movies. Imagine being able to fly across the country in just under three hours. Boom, a leading manufacturer of …

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Uber; Testing the Future of Highway Travel

Place yourself in the seat of a big-rig driver. You’re driving down a long stretch of road one rainy evening when suddenly you see a car barreling into your lane. You do everything in your power to avoid the accident, without swerving into the busy oncoming lane. Your reaction time is critical, every second counts. …

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Positive Client Feedback

We take pride in customer service, so much so that after the initial phase of our services, we send out a Pre Development Portfolio survey. This survey asks how our clients feel about our Directors, as well as the services we have provided them so far. We wanted to share with you what some clients …

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Virtual Reality: Training the Next Generation of Workers

No matter how well you think you can train your employees for their job, nothing can compare to the real-world training of going out and doing the job.  It would be ideal if employers could just let their employees venture out into the field right away, with minimum risk of mistakes. Some have speculated that …

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