Scorkl – A New Way to Snorkel

Since the creation of the air pump in 1771, people have enjoyed deep-water exploration and scuba diving as both a hobby and as a profession. It allowed divers to submerge to depths never before imagined. Along with the creation of scuba diving came snorkeling. Snorkeling provides divers with an easier and more light-weight alternative to …

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Slicer – A New Way to Sled

Sled riding is a fun activity for children and adults alike to enjoy when the weather is right and the snow is falling. The only necessity is snow…until now. One inventor, Scott Ireland, wanted to find a way for us to enjoy sledding, even if it was 70 degrees and sunny out. Ireland realized that …

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Inventing Kevlar

Stephanie Kowlek had an interest in science ever since she was a young girl. Growing up in the 1930’s, she was dissuaded from pursuing a career in a male-dominated profession, but that didn’t stop her. At age 23, Kowlek graduated with a degree in chemistry from Carnegie College (currently named Carnegie Mellon University). She was …

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The Super Soaker – An Accidental Invention that Made Millions

Growing up, we all had ideas for inventions that we thought could change the world. As a child, Lonnie Johnson was told that he shouldn’t aspire to be anything more than a technician. But that didn’t stop the young inventor from dreaming big. Given the nickname “The Professor,” Johnson was constantly tinkering with projects in …

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Air Vest – Saving Lives for 40 Years

The Air-Tech Air Vest is a revolutionary product that’s helping save the lives of many motorcycle riders. Being on a motorcycle offers little protection if you are in an accident. A majority of the time, it’s the motorcycle rider who leaves the scene in an ambulance, even if the accident isn’t their fault. Surprisingly, this …

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