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Mondays are for motivation like Wednesdays are for wisdom!

In today’s Davison blog, we’re getting right to the point and sharing with you some positive feedback that we’ve received from our happy clients!

The road of inventing can be a long one with lots of curves and detours. But, these idea people turned to Davison to help them navigate through their journey.

As part of their road map, we send Pre-Development Portfolios to each of our clients to collect their valuable suggestions, comments and ideas that we can use to improve our services.

We take those sentiments and put them to good use in an effort to provide our clients with an even better inventing method.

Here are three Davison clients who have a lot of great wisdom to share!

  • “Before I came to Davison, I did my homework and these guys really rock.” ­­– DeMarques S.
  • “I have looked through other companies and I am pleased with the support with Davison.” – Sarah K.
  • “It’s very nice to see the process.” – William W.

If you’re ready to make your inventing dream a reality, submit your invention idea today!

Copyright Davison, 2016

The typical client project is not licensed, sold in stores or profitable.


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The Davison Connection to the Color TV

Joe Donahue - Color TV inventor

At the end of June, we published a blog post that covered the dawn of color TVs. In this blog, we talked about the very first commercial TV program that was broadcast in color by CBS more than 64 years ago.

Today, we’re sharing our founder’s connection to one of the key inventors of color TV! Davison and inventing go hand-in-hand. After all, our products have sold on more than 1,200 retail store shelves and online.

So, it’s really no surprise that our very own CEO and founder, Mr. George Davison, would somehow have a connection to a man who helped invent the color TV.

“The inventor of the color picture tube is a friend of mine. He and I are in a picture together in my office with a wonderful and impacting letter,” said Mr. Davison.

In this letter, Joe Donahue talks about how George Davison has made great strides in both his career and the Davison Inventing Method.

“The progress you have made and the level of proficiency you have now achieved from that modest start is now beyond imagination. I am not only very impressed but thrilled to witness such a dynamic and constructive organization in action,” said Donahue.

If we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again; in the inventing world, things change. People are constantly working to find a better way to carry out even the most everyday tasks.

For Donahue, the idea of taking something that already exists and making it better is very familiar. Donahue, the key inventor to the color picture tubes that are found in televisions, has taken notice of our founder’s keen ability to excel in the world of inventing.

Because of this background {talking about his experience as an inventor} I feel particularly qualified to assess the creative and productive capability of your organization. You turn out advances and inventions at a prodigious rate that is probably unmatched anywhere in the world,” said Donahue.

The Davison Inventing Method has helped many people turn their inventing dreams into a reality and it’s because of this process that we feel a great sense of pride.

After all, there’s nothing quite like seeing the Davison “D” on store shelves across the country.

“Not only do you create your own advances but you are flexible enough to help other inventors through the many precarious steps of turning their idea into a reality. Many inventors are not capable of, nor realize the importance of the steps of, patent search, patent filing, designing a product that satisfies a need and that is readily manufactured in a cost effective manner, designing functional packaging, producing realistic prototypes of the product and the packaging, and presenting the product to the key people in commercial world. Your organization is well versed in all of these areas and they provide a very worthwhile service,” he noted.

So, the next time you turn your television, you can thank Joe Donahue for the ability to watch your favorite show in color!

Copyright Davison, 2016

Davison has not provided services to Mr. Donahue and he has not been paid for his endorsement.


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A lot is H-APP-ening on

Davison App Slider -

If you’ve been on lately, you might have noticed a few changes.

Not only did we add a new Company Blog tab right on the homepage, but we also added something extra to keep you connected to our latest and greatest news.

Recently, we added a brand new feature slider on the homepage that connects you to our latest news stories, like our celebrity partnerships, big-name brands like Pepsi and Mountain Dew on Davison products and our mobile app development service!

In case you missed it, we evolved our development services by bringing the design and creation of apps to an exciting new level.

Now, idea people can safely submit not only their tangible invention ideas, but their mobile app ideas as well.

We’ve covered our app development in previous blogs; and, in those stories, we featured two of the apps that we helped to develop – The Daily German Verb app and the Coach’s Whiteboard app.

Our mobile apps are currently being developed solely for distribution through Apple’s App Store with future plans to hopefully include Android distribution.

In case you didn’t catch it the first time, here’s a quick recap of our app development services!

As you can see, a lot is h-APP-ening at Davison and on Browse a sample of our licensed products to see some exciting examples of our work!

Copyright Davison, 2016



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The Dawn of Color TVs

CBS Logo - Davison

It’s 2016 and as we sit here with our tablets, iPhones and flat and curved-screen TVs, it’s probably hard to imagine a life without technology, let alone color.

Well, it wasn’t until June 25, 1951 that the idea of a color TV program came to fruition. Yes, it’s no shock and it’s likely common knowledge that before this moment in history, the picture on the TV screen was in black and white.

It was on this day 64 years ago that CBS broadcast the first commercial TV program in color. Though this made television watching more enjoyable, the only problem was that not many could watch the program since the vast majority of households still had only black-and-white televisions.

TV 1950s - Davison Blog


This wasn’t the first time that color was being considered for television. In fact, in 1948, the idea had been entertained, but when a scuffle of sorts took place within the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over the request for new TV stations and the fear of congesting the number of channels available, the FCC paused all new licenses while ironing out the issue.

So, it wasn’t until 1951 that CBS aired the first color commercial. By that time, the market had dramatically changed. Back in 1948, there were less than a million television sets and by 1951, there were well over 10 million.

What was the first color program? It was actually a musical variety special, Premiere, that was shown over a network of five CBS affiliates on the east coast. Like we mentioned before, the viewing of this program was restricted, because the program wasn’t available on black-and-white television sets.

It was estimated that in the New York area, there were only about 30 prototype color receivers available.

But, as time went on, more and more meetings between the FCC and the networks were taking place. Slowly, but surely, in the mid-1950s, more and more broadcasters in the United States and Canada were adapting to color broadcasts. It wasn’t until about the 1960s that the public actually began to buy color TVs.

The next time you’re relaxing and watching TV, take a second to think that only 64 years ago, the beautiful color picture that you’re watching was just getting started.

Now that’s some innovation!

Copyright Davison, 2016



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Hollywood Celebrities Innovate with Davison

At Davison, we take pride in helping many aspiring inventors fine-tune their invention ideas and turn them into new products. As we bring ideas through our product development process, our dedicated team and clients both hope for product success.

With the help of our licensing department, Davison has moved new products into more than 1,200 retail and online stores! In terms of “product success,” we’d say this is a pretty big deal for those clients who’ve had the opportunity to see and touch their products on store shelves!

Clients came to Davison for inventing expertise and innovation. Stores have found Davison products to be innovative enough for the shelves. And lately, that innovation has driven celebrities to stamp their approval on Davison client products!

Diana’s Chilly Mat

Diana couldn’t stand to see her precious pets panting from the heat. Through our product development process, Davison was able to bring designs for Diana’s “Chilly Mat” to life and to store shelves! After selling in stores like Home Depot, Wayfair and, the Chilly Mat made its way into the hands and packaging of pet-lover Paula Deen!

Diana Chilly Mat - Davison

Jennifer’s Hanger Pockets

Jennifer came to Davison with her idea for Hanger Pockets as a convenient way to organize and pair accessories with their matching outfits! Though she loved the original product design and packaging, when she found out it was being licensed and repackaged under her cooking and baking mentor Paula Deen’s Everyday collection for Jokari/US, Inc., she was thrilled!

Jennifer's Hanger Pockets - Davison

Jean’s Meatball Baker

If there’s one well known QVC chef that knows how to cook healthier, it’s Chef Tony Notaro! So, how perfect would it be that Davison client Jean’s Meatball Baker that elevates meatballs out of their own grease when baking would stir up an idea for yet another new product? The Bacon Baker became part of Love Cooking Company’s Chef Tony line of healthy bakeware.

Jean the Meatball Queen - DavisonChef Tony - Davison

Justin’s Dessert Diva

Davison client Justin had an idea for a better way to carry and serve tasty treats and desserts. While his original product was licensed to Love Cooking Company, who would have thought that an entire line of new carry and serve options would later be derived from Justin’s original product! Just check out Love Cooking Company’s new Decadent Delights collection by leading wedding and entertaining expert David Tutera!

David Tutera - Davison

Congratulations to these and other clients who’ve gotten to see their product reach “celebrity status!” Do you need help with your idea? Confidentially submit your invention idea today!

A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

Copyright Davison, 2016


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