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11. Page: Pugz Shoes Transcript

Pugz Shoes Transcript

Pugz Shoes Transcript (Narrator: George M. Davison (aka Mr. D), CEO and Founder of Davison)Meet Kay Thompson. She’s from Michigan, and out there, the winters can be tough. Especially on her dog’s paws. Imagine being her dog and having to go out into the blistering cold snow just to go to the bathroom. You’d be …

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12. Page: Inventor – Kay

Inventor – Kay

Kay Dared to Invent Our client, Inventor of Pugz Shoes We all love our pets and want what’s best for them. So, when Kay saw that her two Shelties’ paws were wet, frostbitten and injured from harsh weather conditions, she was more than concerned. Kay thought there must be a better way to protect her …

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13. Page: Webisode: Pugz Shoes

Webisode: Pugz Shoes

Kay Dared to Invent Watch as Davison’s Better Way to Invent turns Kay’s Pugz Shoes idea into a store-ready reality! Have you ever tried to take your pets out for a walk when it’s cold and there is snow or ice on the ground? Dogs’ paws often end up cold, injured or frostbitten. Kay wanted …

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14. Page: Dare to Invent® Episodes

Dare to Invent<sup>®</sup> Episodes

Dare to Invent® is a video series produced by Davison and featured on the Lifetime Channel show, “The Balancing Act.”  It is the first time that anyone has ever captured an inventor’s experience from the genesis of an idea to it being brought to market. Each segment shows what can happen when everyday people with …

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15. Blog: Get Inspired by Some Amazingly Innovative Women!

Get Inspired by Some Amazingly Innovative Women!

It’s hard to believe but another month is coming to a close and we cannot think of a more motivational way to say goodbye to the month of March than by taking a final moment to recognize Women’s History Month and to celebrate some of the most innovative women we’ve ever had the pleasure of …

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16. Blog: Features Three Davison Products! Features Three Davison Products!

The Chillz Cooling Mat was a featured deal in the “Dog Deals for Winter Vacay” email! But, the great news about Davison products does not stop there. In the very same email, the Chilly Vest, which also was licensed by Hugs Pet Products, was featured as a limited-time-only deal, too! To top it all off, …

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17. Blog: How’s That Made Thursday: Pugz Shoes

How’s That Made Thursday:  Pugz Shoes

April showers bring… wet, muddy streets and paths that make taking our precious pets out for a walk a little challenging and messy. But, Fido needs to go outside – no matter what the weather is doing. Today, we’re stepping into a new pet invention that has made walking in rain, snow, sleet or any …

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18. Blog: Modern Dog, TODAY Show “Beg” for Davison-designed Pet Products

Modern Dog, TODAY Show “Beg” for Davison-designed Pet Products

If you’ve tuned in to NBC’s TODAY Show or flipped open the latest issue of Modern Dog magazine lately, you may have recognized some popular Davison-designed pet products! Recently, the Silicone Dog Treat Pan and Pugz shoes have shared some major media attention. For our four-legged, tail-wagging, homemade-treat-loving friends, it’s a dog-eat-treat world and Modern …

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19. Blog: Why is Product Packaging Important?

Why is Product Packaging Important?

Even if you have created a useful product, convincing customers to buy that product often comes down to the way the packaging and product look on store shelves. Product packaging is often the most important feature in attracting potential customers to your product. Packaging can make or break a sale—it’s that important. Most shoppers will …

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20. Blog: Saying Goodbye to 2012 – Thanks for Many Great Memories!

Saying Goodbye to 2012 – Thanks for Many Great Memories!

“Should old acquaintance be forgot and… ”  Ok, so, we may not know all the words to Auld Lang Syne, but we are more than ready to ring in the new year with some great memories from 2012.  And, when it comes down to it, we are pretty sure that’s what the song means! Although …

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