George Davison Discusses Inventing, Inventionland & Inspiring Inventors on BTR

Recently, George Davison appeared on Your15Minutes Radio, which features inventors, musicians and entrepreneurs via BlogTalkRadio — the world’s largest online talk radio network with thousands of hosts representing different viewpoints and topics — to talk about Inventionland and Davison.

davison blog talk radioHost Angle Bush introduces George and Inventionland: “The company Inventionland has established a dominance as a new product and development firm that serves independent consumers and corporations to create new product ideas.

Inventionland [handles] predevelopment, development, engineering and packaging to product sample presentation. There is no other company in the world with Davison’s approach! Today, the company uses this development to produce 240 products a month. Products designed by Davison have sold in Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Home Depot, CVS, Sears, Kmart and FAO Schwarz.”

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“I want to talk about Inventionland. It sounds like a magical place to work,” Bush continued.

“Inventionland is really a culmination of things that happened to me as kid. I was blessed to have a very creative mother, who surrounded me with a lot of folks that were also artistic and creative, as well as business people. That saturation allowed [me] to think outside the box,” George shares.

“I have this belief; if you can inspire people and put them in a positive environment, that would help to fuel the human spirit. And today, we have about 300 people that work with us. We do tours [at Inventionland] and have about 100 to 500 children a month from our local [Pittsburgh] schools to show them how to invent and inspire them to create.”

George encourages people to do what they love and notes that human beings are “inherently creative.”

“When we’re young, people throw crayons and white pieces of paper at us and we just go at it. Then, we get older and for some reason… we think that’s just not that fun anymore.”

Davison employs people from all walks of life who are chasing their dream to be creative. “I have a lot of people who work with us who are graphic designers, photographers, backyard mechanics and engineers … find what you love and put your passion into it.”

George and Angle speak further about inventing. George gives advice, talks about successes and urges inventors to know themselves before they try to know the market.