“Workplace Wonderland” Inspires Internationally!


Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article called “Workplace Wonderland,” which featured our creative workplace, Inventionland, and our CEO and founder, Mr. Davison!  Since the article was published, the United Inventors Association of America and Yahoo! Finance both republished the Journal’s post! 

George DavisonThis morning, we’ve got a special message from our CEO and founder, in response to the Wall Street Journal article and all the press that he’s received from it!

“I always dreamed of being in the Wall Street Journal when I was a boy in my teens, reviewing the paper with my grandfather.  This is one of the best days of my life.  A moment to reflect and be grateful for wonderful people who have, are and will shape my life and the Mission of Davison.  Happy New Year!

George… Aka Mr. D”

And, Mr. Davison wasn’t the only one who was impressed with the article… or Inventionland for that matter!  Thanks to Yahoo! Finance, who reposted “Workplace Wonderland,” many admirers have shared their comments on “America’s largest invention factory!”

We’ve listed ten of the most creative comments below: 

From Texas to Maryland to… Sweden… everyone’s noticing Inventionland!  So cool!