Who Pays to Develop a New Product Idea?

funding an invention

If you are like most inventors, the ultimate goal for your idea is to create a product that will sell.

But one of the first problems you will face is this – an idea is not a product. In order to create a product from an idea, an inventor must be willing to devote time, energy and money to take all of the steps necessary for this to happen. In order to give your idea the best chance for success, you need to work with people who understand all the many steps to bring a product to market.

For over 20 years, Davison has helped inventors bring their ideas from the concept stage to products selling in stores. Their product development services are extremely thorough, and they work with the inventor every step along the way; from patent and product related research to designing, developing and building working prototypes and product samples. They design packaging for the product, identify manufacturers and present new products to corporations, manufacturers, and retailers for possible licensing agreements.

So, as an inventor with a great idea, you probably have a few questions regarding costs:

•      Who pays for the product development services? Clients pay for initial design research, product design, prototype development, integrated retail product packaging (illustrating what the product could appear as on the retail shelf) and product sample demonstration videos.
•      Who pays for licensing? Davison offers licensing representation for a fixed fee plus a 10% interest in any future royalties. However, this is not a purchase of patent or invention rights, and no purchase or partnerships are offered. To see the range of services and costs involved, visit www.davison.com/legal/aipa.html
•      Are there ever cases where Davison would work on an invention for only a percentage of profits? No. Developing inventions is a very uncertain undertaking, and it would be too risky for Davison to work on any invention without some form of up-front payment.

So if you’re looking to have your new product idea prepared and presented to a corporation for possible licensing, Davison has the experience, expertise and track record you should look for in new product development services.