Today, Our Flag Flies at Half Staff

A message from Mr. Davison on the passing of a technological icon:

steve jobs“One of the greatest pirates of all time died yesterday.  He was someone who I really looked up to… and his name was Steve Jobs.

One of the things I really respect about Steve Jobs was how he took on the establishment and fought hard to make a better product even though the industry was controlled by IBM, one of the biggest corporations on the planet.  With his passing, a deep mystery exists as to how that industry will move forward.

Steve was part artist and part businessman, which is hard to find anywhere in the world.  When you do find one, who surrounds himself or herself by an inspired group of people, new industries can be born or reshaped to reflect the times.

I will personally miss him, because I always looked forward to seeing what he was going to do next.  As a people and as a nation, we will be forever grateful for his contributions, making the computer world more simple for all of us to work in, as well as influencing all the motion pictures we all love from Pixar Studios.

His many accomplishments are far beyond what I’ve mentioned.  I will forever think of him as a pirate on some great adventure and I will reflect upon that skull and crossbones flag that flew outside of Apple headquarters.”

—   George M. Davison, Founder & CEO of Davison and Founder of  Inventionland