Three Green Inventions for Earth Day and Every Day

Today is Earth Day, a worldwide annual event that looks to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Though many support green initiatives the other 364 days of the year, Earth Day is a great time to get back to basics and learn new, innovative ways to protect our environment.

Going green seems to be a common theme in today’s society and the invention world is following suit. Let’s take a look at three green inventions that are a few steps closer to lessening our carbon footprint.

YoGen Charger- Kinetic or human-induced power is one of the latest trends in powering green gadgets. Unlike solar-powered devices, which can take at least half of a day to charge your gadgets, the YoGen will charge them in about the same time as a wall outlet would charge your device. All that it takes is a few minutes of tugging on a string to power the charger. The tugging action is much like the friction cord that would be located on the back of a talking doll. As you pull the T-handle, the internal alternator will start to spin. Eventually, this motion will create enough power to charge the batteries of most small, portable electronic devices. This invention provides 100% green energy.

Bedol water-powered clock- This innovative clock runs solely on tap water. The Bedol converts ions in the water into clean energy. The clock is separated into two chambers by a clear plastic divider. In the interior-design of this clock, you can see metal plates in each chamber that conduct the electricity. These chambers are attached to the back side of the digital clock display, making them the power source. All you have to do is fill the tank with tap water and you are set for 10 to 12 weeks of punctual, accurate timekeeping.

The Buscycle- Taking public transportation and riding your bike when possible are both eco-friendly ways to get to and from work. But, what if you combined the two? The combination of a bus and a bike is, in fact, the buscycle. This invention is a 15-person pedal-powered bus that travels through neighborhoods throughout the United States. The Buscycle runs, or should we say pedals, solely on the energy of the passengers. The passengers use their own will and physical strength in order to get the group from point A to point B. Although this might not be the most enticing way to get to work, it’s definitely one way to get in your exercise while reducing your impact on the environment.

From a charger that is powered by tugging on a string to a water-powered alarm clock and a bike and bus rolled into one, these green inventions range from something that you can use every day to something that will help you go the extra mile in lessening your impact on our environment.

Happy Earth Day!

Copyright Davison 2014