This Invention Idea Inflates Parents’ Imaginations

With summer right around the corner, travelling with your family is inevitable. For those families with small children, travelling can be quite the production.

Volvo realized this problem and wanted to invent a solution for those families that travel with copious amounts of luggage. Among all the bags and suitcases, there is one piece of “luggage” that really is the bane of most parents’ existence and that is a child’s car seat.

Whether you are carrying it from car to car or onto an airplane, we are sure that parents can agree that car seats are not easy to travel with. Fortunately, for those frustrated parents far and wide with tired arms, Volvo’s latest invention, the inflatable child’s car seat that folds into a bag, is on the horizon.

The proposed invention would weigh just 11 pounds, nearly half the weight of a traditional car seat. Additionally, the car seat would inflate and deflate at the push of a button, or remotely by way of a Bluetooth connection. This entire inflation/deflation process would clock in at a speedy 40 seconds.

Safety is always a top priority, and to cater to the safety aspect, Volvo would be using a “drop-stitch fabric,” which is a material that is capable of withstanding very high internal pressure. As a side note, this material was originally developed by the military for inflatable airplanes. The car seat also would be a rear facing seat, which makes it safer for young children’s necks, if an accident were to occur.

Although this is merely just an idea, travelling parents everywhere can only hope that this invention idea will be turned into an actual product sooner rather than later!

Take a look at this video to get a better idea about how this invention would actually work!

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