The Wild, Wonderful World of Inventing!

Today, we take a minute to spark our minds and feast our eyes on some of the invention industry’s most wild and wonderful creations!  Sure to inspire any idea person, our very own “inventor’s inventor,” Mr. Davison, passed along these must-see photos of some of the finest!  Enjoy!

1.  First up, with corner drawers like these, who needs a Lazy Susan?  From the looks of these deep, far-reaching drawers, they’ll hold everything but the kitchen sink!


2.  Stash your cash in a wall outlet?  Who wouldn’t be fooled by this secret hiding place?  Although, finding cash in an old pair of jeans is nice, finding it a wall outlet would be electrifying!

3.  This tub is the perfect place to store soap, shampoo, razors and more.  It’s also perfect for quickly cleaning up any items you wouldn’t want guests to see in your bathroom!


4.  Another unique space-saver, there really would be some things “hiding” under these stairs!  And, if you’ve ever lived in an apartment or home with too little closet space, these would be a life-saver!

5.  While it may not look so conventional, this is one ladder that looks out for you!  It’s ergonomically correct, so your body won’t mind the climb!

6.  Very in-tune with today’s needs, this little tool is great for the ultra-resourceful musician!  Make your guitar picks out of used gift cards or credit cards!


7.  A certain improvement to the day-bed, this sofa allows you to easily transform your living space into a bunk for two!  Who’s calling top bunk?

8.  Mother always told us not to drink out of the sink, but what if it was easily converted into a fountain?  With this simple tool, it is!


9.  Finally, another awesome invention Mr. Davison sent over, you’ve got to see this one in action!  Imagine these “Air Swimmers” chasing around your family and friends around at your next party or gathering.  Definitely crowd-pleasers, these fish are remote controlled!  (Jaws theme song not included!)


We hope you enjoyed today’s wild and wonderful creations!  Be inspired!