The Next Generation of Scooters

Remember the good old days childhood? You didn’t have to worry about things like a career, bills, or what you’re cooking your family for dinner.

Some people miss the thrill of riding their bikes or scooters down the street as the wind hits them in the face…not a care in the world. Don’t you wish you could pick up a scooter and relive a childhood experience without looking silly?

Well, thanks to inventor Tony Chang, you can. A graduate from UCLA, Chang pursued his life-long passion for being creative and founded CoolPeds USA, a design company that specializes in developing eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

The company’s first product, an electric scooter, was a raging success. With the ability to go nearly anywhere, a scooter offers the perfect alternative means of transportation that allows you to fully take in your surroundings while still covering some ground.

Infatuated by race cars, Chang was able to carry over some of his car obsession to the technology he used to design his scooters. The quiet, brushless electric motor coupled with a regenerative braking system and run-flat tires offer users a comfortable, environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Although successful, the scooter Chang developed was still missing something. After revisiting his design drawings, Chang and his team created the CoolPeds Briefcase Electric scooter, a briefcase that incorporates an attached light-weight scooter into the design.

Lack of storage while on a scooter drove Change to come up with a new design for a suitcase that could double as a transportation alternative. Made from light-weight aircraft aluminum and a polycarbonate shell, this isn’t your average suitcase.

Thanks to Chang and his team, users can now carry their scooters with them on their backs, or ride their suitcase to work in the morning. Powered by batteries, this scooter will take you anywhere you need to go while transporting your cargo as well – offering users a better transportation solution and at least a few moments every day to be a kid again.