The Future of Television

LGThe future of flat screen television is just around the corner. LG released a working concept of their latest type of television. The LG OLED Wallpaper television is about the same thickness as a credit card. With the ability to literally roll up your television, consumers will now have a new way to watch TV.

Television has not been around for even a century and we are already coming up with new ways to make something that once weighed 150+ pounds and turning it into something that can be rolled up and placed in your pocket.

Companies like LG are constantly competing for the latest technological breakthroughs to try and get that competitive edge in the market. It is competition like this that drives new innovations; like a foldable television. Without this competition, society would develop at a much slower pace.

The Wallpaper television can be rolled up and carried anywhere. With technology like this on the market, who knows what it will lead to. Could this be the future of newspapers? Or could this be the future of personal tablets that can be rolled up and conveniently placed in a bag?

Technology is growing leaps and bounds now – faster than it ever has. This era is experiencing the results of fierce competition between manufacturers. Check out the latest advancements in LG’s technology and see for yourself where the future of television is headed!

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