Sweet product news – Sweetheart Silicone Dessert Pan in stores for Valentine’s Day!

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We recently received samples of the much-anticipated Silicone Dessert Pans for Easter and Valentine’s Day. They did not disappoint, to say the least.

“The products look great; they turned out really nice. The packaging really makes it pop,” said Davison’s VP of Licensing. “They look fantastic; the packaging looks dynamite,” agreed the corporate design manager.

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The Sweetheart Silicone Dessert Pan and Easter Egg Silicone Dessert Pan are selling in Montgomery Ward, where they join the original Dessert Bar Pan, invented by our client, Joseph.

XHP and the corporate team collaborated on the design and bounced ideas off each other to come up with the final results, said the design manager. Team members did the package design, product design, product engineering and packaging engineering.

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The new holiday-themed dessert pans will be shown at the International Housewares Show in March along with our prototypes of holiday pans for Halloween (pumpkin), Thanksgiving (turkey) and Christmas (snowman, tree). In addition, there are many themed versions in the works for presentation to a corporation that is a giant in the entertainment industry.

Davison inventions“Now it’s a matter of seeing how many get picked up and what they want to take,” explained the VP.

Hopes on all sides are high, and depending on how well they do at the show, the possibilities are immense, said the design manager.

“It could really turn into something huge if it goes.” The possibilities for our client are also incredible, if buyers respond favorably, said the VP. “We have put our client in the best position possible.”