Slicer – A New Way to Sled

Sled riding is a fun activity for children and adults alike to enjoy when the weather is right and the snow is falling. The only necessity is snow…until now. One inventor, Scott Ireland, wanted to find a way for us to enjoy sledding, even if it was 70 degrees and sunny out.

Ireland realized that a sled slides because the snow creates friction underneath it and propels it forward. So if Ireland could recreate this friction, could he eliminate the need for snow?

After a few concepts and a lot of testing, Ireland found a design that worked. The Slicer Sled is a unique sled that incorporates two large sheets of ice that snap into the bottom of a sled. The slick surface recreates snow-like conditions without the actual need to snow – and without the cold temperatures, either.

Ireland’s unique design requires some space in your freezer, access to a decently sloped hill, and a sled. Two large ice trays, which take about 24 hours to freeze entirely, slide into special holding shelves beneath the sled that allow for the friction to occur. Once the ice melts, fill the trays up, put them back in the freezer, and patiently wait for your next sledding adventure.

Thanks to Ireland, kids of all ages can sled year round—even in the summer—because of his interest in identifying a problem and working to find a solution.


Davison had no involvement with the design or creation of the featured product