Simple, Life-Changing Inventions

Think of how much more difficult life would be if the world were never treated to the creations of great inventors. Without Thomas Edison, we’d be reading by candlelight. Without Ford, Daimler and Benz, we’d be riding horses to 7-Eleven to buy our scratch-off lottery tickets. And, without Dreamfarm, we’d be drinking faucet water from our dirty, cupped hands.


Instant Water Fountain

water faucet innovationImagine being able to turn any faucet into a drinking fountain. The Tapi Squeeze Tap Drinking Fountain makes that possible. The device was created by a company called Dreamfarm, who claims on their website “… we solve problems. It’s our purpose. It’s the reason we are here. Dreamfarm products are different. They may look odd, but they work brilliantly.”



thumb book reading solutionReading Whilst Lounging

Reading with one hand is downright non-sensical. It’s impossible to keep the pages from closing in on themselves and lounging is completely out of the question. The Thumb Thing Book Page Holder keeps your pages open as you read with one hand. It also comes in four different sizes, catering to even the largest of thumbs.


Couch Potatoes

husking corn on the cobWe’ve all been there. You need to peel and cut potatoes, but your favorite episode of “Mama’s Family” is on. Too bad. Your wife is hungry! And, you need to make dinner. But, with Thomas Kral’s lap counter, now you can prepare dinner on your lap as you enjoy Vint and Bubba’s unpredictable hijinks. Kral’s counter provides mobility to peel, chop and slice fruits and vegetables, while sitting anywhere in the house. It is ergonomically shaped to fit the lap and is molded for both a container and a working surface.


clipping your coffee cup to your deskThe Cup Clip

Consistently spilling coffee and water on your office keyboard is an expensive hobby. But, don’t let the threat of an angry IT coworker stop you from enjoying your afternoon Sanka. Instead, try the YuZhou Table Cup Holder Clip, which conveniently clips onto a table or desk and keeps your beverage and electronics safe.



Stay tuned for more interesting inventions that make our lives simpler. If you can’t wait for the next blog post, get your fix for practical solutions at Davison.