Prototypes: Modeling your Creativity

Have you ever had an idea that you wanted to bring to fruition? Although there are many steps in the inventing process, there is one step in particular that brings your idea from just an idea to an actual product sample. That step is a building a prototype.

In case you are unclear of what a prototype actually is, we will make it clear for you! A prototype is a design tool that is much like a model that is used to help create a new product.

There are many varieties of prototypes; some are reminiscent of rough drafts while others are more like the final version of the product. Prototypes are usually used for testing before a manufacturing run is ordered.

It all begins with your idea; from there, you’ll most likely sketch your product on a piece of paper, so that you have a rough sketch of your idea. This sketch is one form of a prototype. But, maybe you want to take this sketch one step further by adding more detail and tweaking your original design.

Prototypes also are crucial for companies and many of them run through several different prototypes when developing a new product. As they continue to create prototypes, they begin to understand how people will use their product and how it can be improved.

The development of a prototype begins with the development of the concept of a product. Many creative minds work together on the design features and usually will produce several cardboard and paper models in order to illustrate and conceptualize how the product will look and feel. Once the development team agrees on a design, they are able to create a single working prototype, which is evaluated to determine how effective it is.

If you are thinking about turning your idea into an actual product, you will have to consider many different steps that factor into the invention process, especially creating prototypes and evaluating their importance.

Prototypes are a crucial part of your product development and that is why, at Davison, we do everything from product-related-data-and-patent research to designing, developing, and building working prototypes and product samples.

In essence, a prototype allows an inventor to see their idea come to life from a sketch on a piece of paper to a real-life working product. This design tool allows inventors to conceptualize their product.

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