New product on its way to Pat Catan’s!

davison inventions
Another product we created for Darice soon will be on its way to the shelves of Pat Catan’s arts and crafts stores! Take a look at the finished factory sample of the Bead Crimper, which has received a lot of great feedback.

“It looks beautiful,” said Jason, corporate creative coach. davison products“This is one of those neat projects where the designer was able to impart some of his own wisdom.”

The design manager is referring to Davison senior designer Matt, who has experience making jewelry. Some bead crimpers on the market that look and work like pliers can be hurtful on the hands, Matt explained. Darice wanted an easier way of crimping beads, so he came up with a tabletop version that you can bear down on like a stapler.

“You don’t have to squeeze on anything; it rests on the table and you can lean on it. I know from experience, working with hand tools, even some of the most ergonomic can get pretty uncomfortable on the hands after awhile.”

The product also enables the user to crimp beads of different sizes, and there doesn’t seem to be any product on the market quite like it. When asked how he came up with the original idea, Matt said: “It just made sense to me; it was just a natural form to make it.”

The corporate team worked together on the product to produce the design, engineering, graphics and sample build. Great work, everyone!