Mr. Davison’s TV Show Idea Coming to Life on the History Channel!

It’s quite an exhilarating feeling when you have an idea and you work really hard to bring it to the world.  Having an idea, like all my clients out there, is something that we share in common. 

Something very special is happening here in the next couple of days.  An idea I had for a reality TV show about what we do will be airing on the History Channel at noon on Saturday, December 24th.

As I’m sitting here working with my team, they are telling me that I have it too good, because it’s my birthday on December 23rd, the show airs on the 24th and Christmas is the 25th!  So, this is going to be three days of bliss!

For me, though, the reward is getting the opportunity to have that feeling that idea people get when the world comes in contact with their creation for the first time.  It’s kind of like that tingle when you’re a kid waiting for Santa to arrive!  It’s truly going to be a magical holiday this season.

Happy holidays to all you idea people out there who dare to create something new!

– George M. Davison, Founder & CEO of Davison and Founder of Inventionland