Mr. D in Stores – The Container Store

Back in February, our CEO and Founder, George Davison took a trip to The Container Store to see if he could find our client Jennifer’s Hanger Pocket Accessory Organizer product, which keeps clothes and accessories neatly organized. The trip to the store was a success and Mr. D was able to locate her product under a private label!

We shared news of Mr. D visiting The Container Store to hunt down Davison client Jennifer’s Hanger Pockets that were private-labeled. Now, we’re sharing even more evidence of the Davison ‘D’ at The Container Store.

Check out the video!

Another successful trip to The Container Store! Mr. D was able to locate several more Davison client products under both their original packaging and under private labels. “We’re hearing that a lot of our inventions keep showing up at The Container Store!” said Mr. D. Well it’s safe to say that after this trip to The Container Store we have found even more evidence of the Davison ‘D’ on shelves!


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A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit. The inventor of Hanger Pocket Accessory Organizer has not made a net profit on this product.