LifeStraw – Fresh Water Wherever You Go!



Hydration is the most important thing to consider when preparing for a day of hiking or for a long trip where you will need to supply your own water. No matter how much planning you do, you can never be 100% certain how much water you will need to bring.

Even professional outdoor enthusiasts cannot predict how much water they will need to consume to stay fully hydrated. More times than not, hikers have found themselves with far less water than they should have while out on their adventure.

How do you address the issue of not having enough water, after you have already started your journey? Sure, you can boil water but do you have all the equipment with you to do that? These were all issues that the team behind LifeStraw had to address when they set out to innovate the way people can drink water in remote locations where filtered water is not accessible.

LifeStraw offers a revolutionary new way for people to consume water from streams, rivers, lakes, and even stagnant puddles. Being only nine inches long and weighing two ounces, LifeStraw can fit in with any hikers gear without taking up too much room. With a filter lifespan of 1,000 liters of water per straw, this is one device that you will definitely want to take with you on your next adventure.

Thanks to LifeStraw’s unique micron hollow fiber membrane, it is able to filter water and removes 99.99% of bacteria without using chemicals. That means no weird aftertaste!

Who would have ever thought of being able to filter your own water, directly from the source, while you drink it? It’s thinking like this which paves way for new innovations that can change the way people do things, forever. Imagine what a device like the Lifestraw can do for people in natural disasters, third world countries, and stranded hikers. The amounts of lives this product can save are endless!


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