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Keeps It Fresh™

A Better Way To Keep Food Fresh!

Davison Produced Product Invention: Keeps It Fresh™

The Problem:

Have you ever gone to finish your favorite snack a few days after the bag was opened, only to find that the contents have already gone stale? Our very own inventor, Walter, had experienced the same problem multiple times before he decided to take action and start his inventor’s journey toward the birth of the Keeps It Fresh™ bag clips!

Like most people, Walter enjoys snacking on crisp, crunchy snacks. But he frequently ran into the issue of properly sealing the snack bag. From old chip clips to rubber bands, to clothespins and paperclips, Walter had tried all of the home clips he could find. But nothing seemed to keep his snacks sealed to his liking. So he gave Davison a call and submitted his idea. Let’s take a closer look at this fresh new invention!

Davison's Better Way:

The Keeps It FreshTM bag clips were invented for everyday snackers who want a better way to seal up their favorite salty or sweet treat! This invention allows you to seal your snack bag securely and remove air to ensure optimal freshness. It is as simple as insert, snap and squeeze! First, insert the Fresh Tube, then snap the clip shut, and gently squeeze the snack bag to remove excess air through the Fresh Tube, leaving you with a secure seal and less air to spoil your snack.

If you are looking for an upgrade to your tired old chip clips, then you need the Keeps It Fresh bag clips! The clip’s universal fit is guaranteed to fit any sized bag with a little folding so you can enjoy crisp snacks every time. Plus, the durable plastic and secure snap feature will ensure that no critters will be getting into your favorite chips, crackers, cereals, cookies, etc.

The Keeps It Fresh bag clips are the perfect gift for any household, new apartment owner, or snacker!

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