Let the Creativity Begin: Happy National Inventors Month!

At Davison, we thrive on creativity and the inventive spirit every day. But, the month of May in particular is a time when we can celebrate our love of inventing with the rest of the invention world during National Inventors Month.

This month-long celebration of inventions and creativity began in 1998 by the United Inventors Association of the USA (UIA-USA), the Academy of Applied Science and Inventors’ Digest magazine.

The purpose of National Inventors Month is to help promote the positive image of inventors and the contributions that they make to the world we live in today, and for the future.

Right now, almost everything around you started with an idea. From that idea, an invention was born. National Inventors Month looks to celebrate those innovators, tinkerers and the creative thinkers whose ideas have enriched our lives day in and day out.

Let’s take Thomas Edison for instance. He was a famous inventor who invented the innovations that we utilize every day, like the electric light bulb and the phonograph that laid the foundation for inventions like the CD player and iPod to name a few. In his lifetime, Edison held more than 1,000 patents for his inventions!

Perhaps you are reading this blog by the assistance of glasses; you can thank Benjamin Franklin for his invention of the bifocals. Or maybe you are planning your summer vacation to a destination that is too far for you to drive. Thanks to the Wright Brothers, who successfully designed, built and flew the first powered aircraft, you can now get to your location faster, because of the invention of the airplane.

Just like these famous inventors, the inventive spirit lives within everyone. National Inventors Month is the perfect time to take the opportunity to further explore your invention ideas. Who knows, one day we might be writing a blog about how YOUR invention changed the world. But, you’ll never know if you don’t dare to invent with Davison!

Happy National Inventors Month!

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