Largest American Retailer Calling for More Products!

Hundreds of innovators are auditioning their products for Walmart as part of an “open call” by the world’s largest retailer. Company officials told 500 presenters last Wednesday that they can have spots on Wal-Mart’s online portals if their products make the cut.

This is coming as a result of the fierce competition between Walmart and Amazon for online sales. Walmart wants to expand to a broader range of clients in the hopes of increasing their online sales by incorporating more unique products into their virtual shelves. Read more about Wal-Mart’s open call event here.

Amazon held a similar event on the same day where they discussed how they can grow their company presence and sales, online. This was Amazon’s first annual “Boost Summit” where they gave small businesses the chance to interact with Amazon officials to learn how they can boost their sales through Amazon’s ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ service. Amazon is hoping this will help overall with online sales, as well as help the smaller companies move products that fulfill orders through Amazon.

The way stores are getting products on their “virtual shelves” is constantly evolving. With brick and mortar stores becoming a thing of the past, who knows what strides companies like Walmart will be taking to compete with big online retailers such as Amazon?


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