Inventionland Goes International…Again!

We are very excited to report that Mr. D, Davison and Inventionland are getting wonderful coverage from media outlets with a global reach!

On the international front, two United Kingdom-based blogs praised the Inventionland workspace design. Serviced Office Company, a United Kingdom-based company that provides “meticulously designed offices to rent” wrote about the unique office space of Inventionland in a May 30 blog post:

“The largest invention factory in the USA is home to a multitude of unique office spaces that ooze inspiration. Founder George Davison wanted to create an unconventional office space that captures imagination and revolutionizes his employees, more importantly to provide a creative complex that is brimming with excitement. With 16 office areas that range from a shipwrecked pirate ship to a castle, the environment encourages an atmosphere of creativity. One office, called “Davy’s Tree House,” recently received a revamp to facilitate brainstorm meetings. The office now boasts an illuminated dry erase board that is paneled throughout the Tree House. Turning over 2,000 inventions per year, it is clear that the offices deliver an overspill of new product development!”

Another UK-based blog myeOffice, a business community hub focusing on the latest trends and news relating to design, technology and workspaces around the world, wrote:

“Inventionland is America’s largest invention factory turning out a whooping 2,000-2,400 new inventions each year. Inventionland demonstrates that the innovative spirit is alive and well in America. Over 1,000 different retailers and online stores are selling or have sold products that were invented or developed by the factory. This company’s office plays right into the stereotypical ‘crazy inventor’ image, with a totally wacky and wonderful office space.”

More Inventionland News!
THEE BLOG, a site dedicated to design and advertising, had this to say about Inventionland: “When it comes to office decoration or architecture, few companies are willing to break ‘corporate rules’ and offer their team a fun place to interact. Companies like Facebook, Google and many more have raised the bar with unique and beautiful spaces we all envy. Now, we’ve featured a few inspiring offices before, but I really think Inventionland’s Pittsburgh headquarters might take the cake for the most fun, inspiring, creative and crazy office I’ve seen so far.”


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Last, but certainly not least, Mr. D. recently hosted students and advisers from his high school alma mater, The Kiski School in Saltsburg, Pa., during a class trip to Inventionland. The students got a first-hand look at the Davison Inventing Method inside Inventionland. On the Kiski School website, adviser Andy Scott describes the atmosphere of the place as being “right out of Walt Disney.”