HomeWorld Business Magazine Shows Davison Bakeware Designs Some Serious Love!

Just when you thought Love Cooking Company’s line of Davison-designed products couldn’t get any hotter… here they are popping up again in the media! In the latest issue of HomeWorld Business Magazine, five different Love Cooking Company products are pictured and even more are mentioned.

The magazine, deemed ”the leading business-to-business publication for the housewares industry,” first featured two of Love’s latest products, the Mrs. Fields Cupcake Cone Pan and the Mrs. Fields Scoop N Cut Cookie Tool.

As you may know, Love has teamed up with one of the most famous names in baking, Mrs. Fields, to feature these two new Davison-designed items, which are to begin selling this fall.

According to HomeWorld Business Magazine writers, the Cupcake Cone Pan “addresses what [Love] said has become a social media trend, with consumers sharing images, recipes and decorating ideas for baking cupcakes in ice cream cones on such sites as Pinterest.”

Additionally, the Scoop N Cut Cookie Tool “features tablespoon and teaspoon scoops for small and larger cookies as well as a plastic edge in the center of the scoops designed to easily cut through cookie dough.”

Not content with featuring solely Love’s latest innovations, HomeWorld Business Magazine also showcased the Mrs. Fields Cool Bake, Brookie Pan and Half N Half Cupcake/Muffin Pan, which are already on sale. In the article, another Davison-designed product, the Mrs. Fields Baker’s Sto ‘n Go is also mentioned as part of Love’s Bakeware Innovations line.

For a taste of what the magazine had to say about the Davison-designed bakeware, read the full article in the image below (click to enlarge):

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