Our Heartfelt Promise to People with Ideas

You work on your idea day in and day out. You come up with new ways to make it better, more practical, and all around more desirable. You think to yourself, “Wow, this could change the world”.

You’re a passionate individual who has spent hours thinking about how you can go about turning your dreams into a reality. Your urge to see your idea brought to life has brought you to this website. Now, you’re sitting there with one question in mind “Can I trust this company with my idea?”

At Davison, we understand your concern. Why? Because our founder is an inventor. He built this company with the inventor in mind. He knows you’re worried about telling someone your idea because he worried about losing his ideas too.

In order to protect your idea, the first thing we do is make every employee sign a legal document that restricts them from ever discussing an idea with outsiders.

The second thing we do is train our employees on the seriousness and consequence of any release of confidential information.

The third thing we do is give a written confidentiality agreement to the inventor, assuring them that their idea is protected.

Overall, we treat others the way we want to be treated. At Davison, we give every person who has an idea, a heartfelt promise; a promise that you can trust us with your idea. We will do everything within our power to help you bring your idea to life properly.

We know it may be your first time inventing. It’s not our first time anymore and we hope you will lean on our many years of experience. When your idea arrives to our office confidentially, here’s what you get:

Our team will review your idea; we will send your idea up to one of our Directors who will work with you. Your Director will then consult with you about your idea at no cost, answering any questions you may have.

Is there any reason why you shouldn’t send your idea to us today?…We look forward to speaking with you!