George Davison featured in book about “inventive giants!”

A revealing new book about many celebrated innovators of historic and modern times and some of their not so celebrated inventions includes chapters on Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, George Washington Carver – and George Davison.

The book features “tales of independent inventors and their struggles” and examines their successes, as well as inventions that never got off the ground. All were created, however, by “great inventors who have, or are thought to have, made a significant contribution to society.”

A chapter devoted to Mr. Davison explores some of his successes and challenges, as well as his greatest invention — the methodology that makes inventing affordable to the everyday person.

“The book is a lesson in determination; you follow your dreams regardless of what other people say,” said Mr. Davison. “It’s a good thing you do, otherwise we’d have no commerce in this country; we’d have no country at all.”

Read the full press release posted on the Davison Newsroom.