Driving into the Future: Car Technology

car of the future

Power locks, windows and keyless entry were once the sweetest amenities offered in new cars. Now, these are features most car buyers could not live without. Though we may not have realized our “Back to the Future II” flying car dreams yet, the future of car technology has changed the landscape of tomorrow’s “standard features.”


Cloud computing is frequently touted as a technology game changer, but its application for automobiles really demonstrates its exciting capabilities. Mercedes-Benz announced its mbrace2 system, which offers a bevy of cloud amenities, at the 2012 CES.

“The connected system will include ‘remote access capabilities’ such as Travel Zones/geo-fences, remote vehicle health diagnostics, Curfew Minder, Driving Journal, Speed Alerts, Valet Protect and Remote Horns and Lights,” according to VentureBeat.


Entertainment is pervasive and today’s consumers have come to expect video, music and photo capabilities with their technology purchases. Now that hard drive systems are being introduced to cars, the days of untangling birds’ nests of auxiliary cables to connect your personal music collection to your auto might be over. Built-in hard drives can now sync with your current music library.


Car technology is about more than turning your road trip into a home-theater experience. It’s also about safety. Active Collision Avoidance, Lane Alerts and Google’s patent on self-driving car technology all look to enhance the future of road safety.


True gear heads know that the ability to stream a live Justin Bieber show through your car stereo is no substitute for a clean, well-tuned auto. That’s why Davison has designed some of the best products for maintaining your ride, no matter what’s underneath your hood:

inshield wiperThe Inshield Wiper is an easy way to thoroughly clean the interior of a vehicle’s windows. We licensed the product to Faucet Queen, who added it to their Helping Hand line and packaged the product with a cleaner and defogger.

Clean your car in comfort with the Bucket Bench, which incorporates four swiveling wheels and a comfortable place to sit while keeping you at wheels and bumper-level.

Last, but not least, get your car “wheely” clean with the Wheel Tuner and the Bristle Brush.

Cars will continue to change and evolve in the future, but above all, they will still simply get you from point A to point B.

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