Davison Partners with The Challenge Program to Recognize Stellar Student Achievements

As the 2014 school year comes to a close, we’re excited to showcase bright area students who are reaping the benefits of their hard work throughout the academic year.

Continuing to show our support of academics, particularly in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math), Davison is this year’s proud sponsor of  The Challenge Program (TCP) at Meadville Area Senior High School.

Recently, TCP selected five Meadville Area Senior High School seniors to receive financial awards for their year-round academic efforts.

TCP Communications Assistant Kayla Wasko said that last week’s awards recognized students not only for their academic achievements, but also for other notable attributes.

“The Challenge Program, Inc. held an awards presentation at Meadville Area Senior High School last week to reward five senior students for their achievements in academics, attendance and community service,” said Wasko.

Further specifying the awards, TCP’s Mark Ziegenfuss said the financial awards recognized Attendance, Academic Improvement, Academic Excellence, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and Community Service.

Pictured below are the outstanding students who received this year’s TCP awards: (left to right) Thomas Leech (STEM Award); Samuel Mehan (Attendance); Jonah Foxman (Academic Excellence); and Brianna Maciejewski (Academic Improvement). Missing from photo is Morgan Youngs (Community Service).

Ziegenfuss went on to thank Davison for supporting the Meadville Area Senior High School awards.

“Our efforts would not be possible without business partnership like Davison International,” said Ziegenfuss. “The Challenge Program is always excited to be a part of the recognition of your student successes and achievements!”

Congratulations to the five outstanding Meadville Area Senior High School seniors who won this year’s TCP awards!

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