Compact Kitchen Shopping Organizer a Hit on QVC!

We received two nice surprises from XHP on Monday: 1) The Compact Kitchen Shopping Organizer has aired on QVC!

2) It was a sell-out!

“It did well,” said Davison’s Licensing VP, who got the good news from XHP’s president (apparently, Davison has provided so many great products to the company, it can be difficult keeping track of where all of them are in the marketplace!)

“I was definitely surprised,” said the VP, who knew the product had been shown to the network, but was not aware it had been picked up.

The item, which keeps three lists handy at one time for multiple store lists, “to-do” lists, or for keeping track of projects, was featured recently in the popular “In the Kitchen” with David segment. All units of the limited quantity ordered by QVC were sold. The network likely will air the product again, since it sold out, Dan said.

We originally created the product for a client 14 years ago! Just goes to show that we never give up on a project!

Check out the product selling on QVC by clicking here or on the image above, then on the video tab above the product photo. Congratulations to our client, Rita, and all those who worked on this great new product!

The client has not received a net profit on this product.